Ellendale Diamonds – From Dream to Reality 

Experience the brilliance of Ellendale Diamonds Australia, featured on this month's cover. Ellendale’s journey began with a singular purpose — to present an extensive selection…

Experience the brilliance of Ellendale Diamonds Australia, featured on this month’s cover. Ellendale’s journey began with a singular purpose — to present an extensive selection of exquisite yellow and white diamonds meticulously sourced from the renowned Ellendale Mine. Over the years, it has embraced growth and innovation, broadening its collection to include the finest Argyle goods. Revel in a captivating spectrum of colours, from mesmerising pinks and blues to elegant yellow, white, and champagne diamonds. Ellendale is committed to bringing the most exceptional and diverse range of diamonds, each reflecting the unique beauty of nature’s treasures.

In 2014, Ellendale Diamonds Australia ventured on its journey under the direction of Chris Soklich. From its inception, Ellendale set its sights on curating an exceptional inventory dedicated to offering the finest diamonds extracted from its mine. This strategic focus enabled Ellendale to cement its position within the diamond industry, earning a well-deserved reputation for supplying premium, natural diamonds to retailers across Australia and New Zealand. Through a commitment to quality and a passion for excellence, Ellendale Diamonds Australia shines as a symbol of trust in the diamond industry. 

Throughout its existence, Ellendale has undergone significant growth. One major milestone in Ellendale’s journey was the diversification of its inventory beyond supplying diamonds from the Ellendale Mine. Recognising the increasing demand for a wide range of diamonds, Ellendale strategically broadened its offerings, effectively targeting a wider market and captivating customers with varying preferences. As a result, Ellendale Diamonds has the sought-after edge and positioned itself as the one-stop destination for diamonds across the colour spectrum.

The introduction of Ellendale’s Desert Rose has also been a significant milestone. This captivating collection grew with the creative vision to offer distinctive and irresistible designs featuring highly sought-after pink Argyle diamonds. The Desert Rose collection has proven to be a hot commodity, and Ellendale has ensured vast access by offering the range through an exclusive stockist program. This program allows select retail partners to access the Desert Rose range with exclusivity. The collection has garnered massive attention and is now well established across over 70 stockists showcasing the selection. 

Creativity and innovation don’t end here. The recent launch of its premium ranges, Icon and Diva, has further elevated Ellendale’s position in the industry. These premium ranges focus on sourcing, design, and craftsmanship in Australia which sets this selection apart from other offerings. Using locally sourced materials and expert craftsmanship enhances the collection’s appeal and promotes the distinct prowess of Australian talent. 

The future of Ellendale Diamonds is looking bright due to the expected continued growth and innovation. Ellendale aims for expanded offerings and embraces new trends. As of right now, Ellendale is working on a new website and app to provide trade-only customers with seamless access to its entire inventory. By using the power of digital platforms, Ellendale will enhance the customer experience and offer greater convenience when exploring its diverse range of products. With commitment and consistency at the forefront, Ellendale will continue to maintain its position as a leader in the jewellery industry and journey to success.

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