Ellendale Diamonds, Australian from dream to reality

Starting off the New Year with a sparkle, Ellendale Diamonds shine on the cover of the first edition of JW in 2023.

Starting off the New Year with a sparkle, Ellendale Diamonds shine on the cover of the first edition of JW in 2023. 

‘Australian designed, Australian sourced and Australian made’ are pillars of the Ellendale Diamond story and a shared theme of our February edition of the mag. JW spoke with sales and marketing manager, Gersande Price, on how Ellendale turns Australian diamond dreams into reality.

1/4 Tilly

“It is of great importance to us, our clients and those who appreciate integrity and quality that these processes are kept in Australia,” she says. “We are Australian through and through, from our precious metals to our exquisite diamonds from the renowned Argyle diamond mine. It is what gives our pieces a unique edge and you can feel the passion in each carefully crafted piece.”

Having their products made locally is intrinsic to the Ellendale ethos, each piece a celebration of Australian resources, design, manufacturing and service. 

“Having a manufacturer who is locally based offers so many benefits for us as a company,” she explains. “We can oversee quality control, ensure we meet our exacting standards and can pass on to our apprentices the unique skills our Master jewellers have honed over many years so they can be utilised for the future.”

2/4 Tallulah

Ellendale’s retailers and end consumers become part of the Australian story.

“They can be assured of service of a high calibre, including after care, efficient processing of orders rather than waiting for worldwide logistical delays and being able to deliver in person points of contact,” she says. “We believe in fully supporting our retail partners.”

The creative team of jewellers at Ellendale Diamonds have the luxury of Australian materials and diamonds of the highest quality to inspire their designs.

3/4 Athlea

“Although the mine is now closed, Ellendale Diamonds have been able to secure a large collection of diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine – everything from melee parcels to single stones,” says Gersande. “And we will continue to be able to supply the industry with unique, amazing Australian jewellery.”

As consumers are becoming more aware and invested in the origins of their jewellery purchases, Ellendale offers a traceability process and certification as a guarantee that their diamonds were mined in Western Australia.

“Western Australia is a unique and diverse location where you can source all of the components for that special piece of jewellery and the client can feel a part of this,” says Gersande. “WA produces rare diamonds and raw materials of the finest quality. Having this uniqueness and authenticity of origin creates consumer confidence and thus credibility to our retailers and stockists.”

A proudly Australian brand, Ellendale Diamonds showcases some of the world’s most unique and sought after loose diamonds and fine jewellery. Their exquisite Icon and Diva collections are ambassadors of Australian beauty, inspired by great icons throughout history.

4/4 Elizabeth, ICON range

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