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Customer service is often an underrated but unquestionably vital aspect of any business – and it is near impossible to have a successful businesswithout a…

Customer service is often an underrated but unquestionably vital aspect of any business – and it is near impossible to have a successful business
without a skilled team of people committed to bringing the business and the customer together.

Over the past few years, Palloys has focused on the development of a highly successful customer service team, and one that has kept Palloys at
the forefront of the jewellery industry. It is no exaggeration to describe the team as the beating heart of Palloys – a sentiment that resonates with many other businesses in the industry. To create this highly successful customer service team, Palloys set its sights on the following objectives:

01 Own the experience

There’s no denying that working every day in a client- facing position can be highly rewarding and challenging. Developing interpersonal skills, underpinned with the technical knowledge required to successfully communicate and adapt to the wide range of customer needs and enquiries managed by our customer service team, takes considerable time and experience. There is no shortcut to developing these critical skills – simply put, there is no replacement to experience.

At Palloys, Adriana Daleris leads a customer service team with over 70 years of accumulated experience, not solely in customer service, but from across the whole jewellery industry. This experience shines through in the professionalism and care that every client is afforded. Our team have managed and operated their own jewellery stores, worked in domestic and international jewellery roles and held customer service and sales positions across the industry.

Our clients know that when they contact Palloys customer service, they’re talking with highly experienced business representatives who understand their specific manufacturing, product, or commercial question.

“Our Customer Service team is truly like a little family and we see our clients as an extension of this family,” says Adriana. “We work collaboratively, with a sense of trust and respect, built from mutual willingness to engage with each other professionally and personally. When we face challenges, we do so together, expressing ideas freely and comfortably knowing that each person’s unique industry experience can lead to a new and more effective solution. We operate in a team-oriented, confident and respectful synergy that ensures success for the team, and for Palloys.”

Our customer service team have carefully refined their skills to ensure Palloys’ clients receive the most efficient and successful experience possible.

02 Industry knowledge

The creation of beautiful jewellery is as limitless as a jeweller’s imagination – as such, understanding the many creative and manufacturing processes involved is critical to successfully connect with our customer base. Each of our customer service representatives has a detailed knowledge of the process to move a piece of jewellery from design to production and finishing. This includes having knowledge of gemstones, setting techniques and related product costs that support our clients to get the information they need as efficiently as possible. Moreover, maintaining this level of knowledge in the customer service team is essential to ensure each new member of the team is trained to the high standards expected at Palloys.

Knowledgeable customer service representatives build a synergy within the team that breeds success. At Palloys, we have customer service team members with bench experience, qualifications in gemmology, and diamond grading. Our customer service team is fully integrated across the Palloys business, meaning they own a detailed understanding of the processes of each division in Palloys. This ensures our clients have access to qualified, knowledgeable members of the Palloys business, ensuring the first person the customer talks to can provide the information and solution each customer needs.

03 Innovation and solution focus

A team that is truly committed to bringing the best service to their customers is best built with innovative, creative and solution focused people. Team members who proactively identify and navigate challenging situations to deliver customer centric solutions are key to success. The Palloys
customer service team understands business pressure points, and works proactively to improve our customer experience.

At Palloys, we are extremely fortunate to have a customer service team dedicated to problem- solving and committed to effectively implementing
new initiatives, systems and processes that bring the best outcomes to our customers. Having a customer service team that your clients and business can rely on can make or break even the strongest businesses and brands. Investing time and resources into creating an experienced,
knowledgeable, and innovative customer service team will always support your growth and success

Adriana Daleris

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