Poix & Troy

Luxury, quality and inspiring self expression

In the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Philippe Poix and Craig Troy founded Poix & Troy Australia, jewellery designers and distributors whose name is synonymous with luxury, quality and inspiring self expression.

A foundational vision of “passion, dreams and lifestyle” has been the focus for this exciting duo, who create stunning and bespoke collections of their own designs, complemented by a selection of European designers.

The inspiration of many of Poix & Troy’s collections stems from Philippe’s love of European history and architecture, specifically the art nouveau style. Phillipe describes the great honour of creating the brand and mixing the old and new worlds.

“My 30 years of experience in this wonderful industry and our design connections in Paris have allowed us to create some truly beautiful one of a kind pieces,” says Philippe.

Philippe and Craig have travelled the world, building relationships with international designers and boutiques, so their customers can feel the history and connect with the captivating story of each piece.

“We are selling dreams and we need to go the extra mile,” Philippe explains. “The customer needs to fall in love with the jewellery and feel a connection. We love to create this through the stories we create for each piece.”

Craig attributes their continued success in the industry to their complementing strengths and unwavering focus on customer service.

“Great relationships with customers has to be the number one focus for us,” Craig says.

“We work extremely well together and we love to build relationships with our customers. It’s a great adventure every day and the wonderful friendships we have with our customers makes our travels all the more worthwhile. We are excited to see our customers and present our latest collections,” Philippe adds.

Their brand reputation and the reason they are respected in the industry stems from the quality of their pieces and elegance of their designs.

“We love to surprise our retailers but there is never any compromise on quality,” says Craig.

Philippe is devoted to bringing French and European glamour to Australia but recognises the evolving tastes of the Australian public.

“Australia has its own unique style, which we need to consider but we are always amazed by the incredible pieces we can sell. Large colourful pieces that may never have been sold 20 years ago are now part of our everyday collection,” says Philippe.

Colourful pieces remain Philippe’s favourite, with an emphasis on bold designs, colour stones as well as one of our favourite fashion centric, 1960s Hollywood style.

Keep an eye out for their Normandy Collection, an exclusive edition collection dedicated to the splendour of art nouveau cruise liners. It includes amazing tassel earrings with coloured enamel, matching rings, an incredibly elegant pendant and even a Tiara fit for a queen. 

Poix & Troy’s broad collection is truly one-of-kind and sure to excite all retailers. Craig and Philippe invite you to lift the lid on their exceptional treasures and enjoy the experience of viewing their latest one of a kind pieces.

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