What men want

Established more than 100 years ago, Cudworth Enterprises remains at the forefront of Australian fashion and style in the men’s jewellery scene. CEO Darren Roberts explains that the appetite for men’s jewellery continues to evolve and the desire for more unique styles has increased.

“Men are becoming aware and feeling comfortable wearing jewellery both dressed up or casual,” says Darren.

As the first company in Australia to introduce stainless steel jewellery, it is not surprising that their leather and bead bracelets featuring stainless steel are some of their most sought after products. Simple neck chains in varying colours and lengths also remain a staple design that consistently perform well.

Having his finger on the pulse of all aspects of the business, Darren anticipates the latest trends for next season will include layering of statement pieces and the combination of different materials will complement this style.

Darren predicts “layering around the neck, such as chains mixed with bead neck chains” will be popular. “Also, stacking on the wrist by wearing leather, bead and chain bracelets,” he adds.

When asked which collections retailers should stock over the festive season, Darren advised that casual jewellery sells best and Cudworth Enterprises have an expansive range of contemporary styles and designs for all occasions to choose from.

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