Passion, dreams and lifestyle

Philippe Poix and Craig Troy, established Poix & Troy to bring exclusive and beautiful collections from around the world to Australia and the South Pacific.…

Philippe Poix and Craig Troy, established Poix & Troy to bring exclusive and beautiful collections from around the world to Australia and the South Pacific. Through their mutual business vision to create “passion, dreams and lifestyle,” Philippe and Craig manufacture and distribute incredible and unique jewellery pieces for their customers.

Poix & Troy Australia are brand ambassadors and represent some of the finest jewellery houses from around the world. Philippe and Craig have built strong personal partnerships with incredible designers and leading manufacturers, to develop amazing and unique lifestyle jewellery collections.

Philippe, originally from France, now a very proud Australian, has 30 years’ experience in the jewellery industry. His lifelong passion and knowledge of gemstones along with his industry connections globally, allow Poix & Troy to hold some of the most exquisite and unique pieces here in Sydney, Australia.

Philippe has travelled the world building relationships with major jewellery brands and international boutiques, developing a strong global reputation as a highly sought-after brand ambassador. In 2008, he returned to Paris, France where he was presented with the very prestigious French Senate Medal, for his participation in the 9th Gemmology Congress – I Xeme Rendez- Vouz Gemmologiques de Paris.

Philippe’s renowned ability for creating stories regarding the history and the creation of
Poix & Troy’s amazing one of a kind pieces, is captivating and allows customers to dream and connect deeply with each piece.

When Philippe is not focused on work, which is almost never, you will find him with his family or exploring antique stores and markets for objet d’art to find inspiration for jewellery and to fill his beautiful home.

Craig and Philippe’s connection through business and friendship, coupled with their complementary skills for jewellery and business, has created the ideal scenario for them to create Poix & Troy Australia. They are trusted with representing some of the finest collections by international brands and have also developed some amazing collections incorporating their own designs and with select European designers.

The second member of the partnership, Craig, is a successful Sydney businessman from a finance and technology background, with a long-held a passion for luxury and lifestyle.

Craig has always been fascinated by developing brands and creating new business opportunities and has built a successful business consultancy, working with major brands to deliver incredible business results.

Craig is focused on the commercials of Poix & Troy but is also dedicated to customer engagement and as a result you will find him travelling extensively with Philippe to ensure he knows and understands their customers to build strong partner relationships.

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