Poix & Troy

The beautiful and ornate architecture of 350 George Street, where Philippe Poix and Craig Troy of “Poix & Troy” established their jewellery business, is a…

Philippe and Craig spent weeks searching for the right location and knew immediately when they walked through the enormous front doors of the beautiful 19th century interiors that it was to be home for Poix & Troy. Fast forward two years and the unique heritage building, and particularly their lavishly decorated suite, has been an inspiration for hundreds of designs and allowed them to develop their original business motivation — Passion, Dreams and Lifestyle.

Philippe loves to explore and discover the magic of the building, drawing huge inspiration for his designs, particularly from the top floor and ceiling of 350 George, which is a kaleidoscope of intricately coloured glass, surrounded by ornate floral brass designs. It is truly unique, which Poix & Troy aspire to reflect in their business and collections.

Philippe, a 30 year veteran of the international jewellery industry, began coming to Australia and New Zealand as a fresh faced sale person, representing various international brands. Philippe quickly developed great relationships and warm friendships with his customers and these are the same customers that gave Poix & Troy their first appointments.

Craig, a Sydney local, has slotted right into the world of jewellery, after 20 years in technology-based businesses. Craig loves to visit customers with Philippe, he has definitely found his home in jewellery and now also enjoys the same warm relationship with their customers.

Philippe and Craig are very quick to acknowledge their success is due and thanks to their customers across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

“We will forever be thankful to our amazing retail customers, who have been supportive and willing to try new designs and unique collections from day one, including the incredible and flamboyant Russian brand “Mousson” that Poix & Troy represent,” said Philippe.

Mousson is a luxury brand, creating jewellery to an impeccable standard, using unique gemstones, incredibly intricate designs with an extremely high grade of workmanship. Craig and Philippe knew that the beautiful Mousson pieces would be extremely well received in Australia and New Zealand and are so proud to exclusively represent Mousson in this region. Our customers have been blown away by the delicate designs and the magical hidden stories within each piece. We love showing Mousson and seeing the delight as the stories unfold.

With Christmas trading so close and a renewed sense of positivity in Australia and New Zealand, Philippe and Craig are excited to reveal and present their new collection to their retailers. Poix & Troy have maintained their passion for a combination of gorgeous colour stones with diamonds. They are not afraid to use unique and bold colours such as pink opal and jade which feature in their latest collection. All Poix & Troy pieces are set in 18k gold and the designs and finishes are flawless.

Craig and Philippe have exciting plans for 2022 which include even bolder and brighter pieces. They also have some amazing haute couture lines they have been developing with designers in France to introduce even greater diversity and exquisite pieces to the Australian and New Zealand market. If you are attending the Jewellery Fair in Melbourne, you will see Craig and Philippe there or you can expect a friendly call and visit over the next few months as the world slowly opens up again.

You can find out more about Poix and Troy HERE.

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