Intriguing Turquoise – the birthstone of December

By Cynthia Unninayar

King-size counterfeits

Monarch Opals are a new type synthetic opal that have hit the market this year. Here we examine what they…

Fractals at their finest – Dendritic Opal

Any gemstone that is recognised for its stress-management properties gets a tick of approval from me, especially one which is…

Precious metals and gems welcome the dark side

Jacqueline Cullen Whitby Jet with Black and White DiamondsBright and shiny with light and clarity comes to mind when talking…

True Colours – The world through Cody’s eyes

 Andrew Cody, the president of the International Coloured Gemstone Association, reveals his plans to increase sales of coloured gemstones around…

ICA poster competition gets underway

The 5th ICA International Poster Competition is being held to promote the appreciation and trade of coloured gemstones
Jewellery making a ring with gemstone in workshop

Standards Australia launches Millesimal System

Standards Australia has introduced two new standards for gold, silver, rolled gold and plated jewellery in Australia.