The Perth Mint reveals exquisite Argyle Treasures ring

In celebrating Australia’s natural resources, The Perth Mint has proudly introduced the Argyle Treasures.

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In celebrating Australia’s natural resources, The Perth Mint has proudly introduced the Argyle Treasures, an opulent ring crafted from the finest 18k Australian Origin Gold and adorned with 285 rare Argyle Pink Diamonds and four striking blue Argyle Diamonds.

Inspired by the mesmerising landscapes of Western Australia’s Kimberley region, the Argyle Treasures ring showcases a perfectly matched pair of vivid pink oval-shaped diamonds totalling 0.75 carats, along with 0.03 carats of blue diamonds. The piece also features an additional 2.11 carats of pink diamonds, all sourced from the renowned Argyle Diamond Mine. Responsibly and exclusively obtained from Australian gold mines, The Perth Mint’s Australian Origin Gold provides the backdrop for this exceptional masterpiece.

A standout creation from The Perth Mint, Argyle Treasures marks the first in-house design collaboration between the Mint’s talented team and John Glajz, an Argyle Pink Diamonds Icon Partner. The design encapsulates the breathtaking sunsets over the untouched East Kimberley region, with a touch of cool blue symbolising the waters of Lake Argyle.

Argyle Treasures

The Perth Mint Argyle Treasures ring

Neil Vance, general manager of Minted Products at The Perth Mint, described the ring as a unique collector’s item that showcases the extraordinary natural resources of Australia. “Argyle Treasures showcases the world’s rarest colour diamonds [that] are found in only one place in the world, and we are so fortunate that place is right here in Western Australia,” said Vance.

Renowned as a longstanding Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier, The Perth Mint has a history of offering exquisite luxury jewellery pieces. However, Argyle Treasures™ stands out as a testament to the Mint’s evolving creativity and design prowess.

John Glajz, expressing his gratitude for the collaboration, remarked, “As an Argyle Pink Diamonds Icon Partner, it is an honour to create pieces using the iconic Argyle Pink Diamonds. This timeless treasure is set to be an elegant heirloom that can be passed down through the generations.”
Available for purchase at AUD 889,000, Argyle Treasures is now accessible both in-store and online. For more information, interested buyers can visit


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