Smart ring sales take off

Ringly, the world’s first 'smart' ring, has been an instant success for its creators with "over US$100,000 in sales" on its launch day.

Ringly, the world’s first ‘smart ring”, has been an instant success for its creators with “over US$100,000 in sales” on its launch day.

Released last month, the 18-carat gold plated ring (set with rainbow moonstone, pink sapphire, black onyx or emerald) connects to the wearer’s phone so they can receive “subtle notifications” with customisable colour and vibration patterns of phone-calls, texts, emails and updates from apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The ring, which uses “industry-standard encryption to keep data safe and secure”, will work “up to nine metres” from the wearer’s phone.

Christina Mercando, founder and CEO of Ringly, said the ring was based on the company’s core belief “that technology can be more discreetly integrated into our lives”.

“Our target market is huge: any woman who is frustrated that they missed a call because their phone was in the other room or at the bottom of their purse. That could be any woman from a business professional who wants to be stylish and stay connected with her clients, a social butterfly who needs calendar reminders for her next event, or a young mother who is afraid to miss a call from the babysitter.”

“We want Ringly to become a product that men will also purchase as a gift for their significant other as a way to get them to pay attention without being distracted during dinner and date nights.”

Mercando said the company will focus on promoting its smart ring in the short term, with new designs expected to be released soon, but will probably “move into wristwear” later.

“We wanted to focus on rings initially because we’re really proud of the fact that we were able to miniaturise the technology into something cute, fun, and stylish.”

The ring is currently only being sold online at with a retail price ranging from $195 to $260.

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