Georgini takes on Chrysalis

Australian jewellery manufacturer Georgini has taken on the local distributorship of English jewellery brand, Chrysalis.

Created and launched in 2004 by Silver Willow, Chrysalis is currently sold in more than 700 retail outlets in the US and more than 150 in the UK.

The brand is based around one key product – “the collectable, stackable and gift-able bangle” which can be adorned with “a vast assortment of charms and stones”.

Georgini director Gina Kougias said she decided to take on Chrysalis as she “loved it”.

“From the moment I was offered the brand I was convinced that Chrysalis would be a huge success in Australia – my staff and I just loved it.”
She said the brand’s gold- and rhodium-plated jewellery could be “the first major competitor to the charm and bead market”.

“Sales for Chrysalis have grown over 300 percent in the last year, and the brand is proving so successful that many retailers are choosing shop-in-shop style retail offerings.

“Whatever one’s beliefs or traditions, every one today craves more meaning in life. Adorned with talismans, lucky charms, and spiritual symbols, from evil eyes to St. Christopher medals, every piece of Chrysalis jewellery is imbued with spirit and energy to bring love and light into life.”

Kougias said Georgini is already set up with “sales teams, warehousing space, office and warehouse-picking staff” to ensure the brand’s local success.

Once the company has “enough distribution”, it will begin promoting the brand with magazine advertising and hire an advertising/marketing person to develop it further.

Chrysalis is expected to begin landing in local stores at the end of September.

Georgini, which has two flagships stores in Sydney, is currently distributed to over 350 jewellery stores in Australia as well as over 700 retailers worldwide including the UK, South Africa and New Zealand.

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