Russians overtake Americans in ‘fake diamond’ race

Just six months after US based Pure Grown Diamonds announced that it had created the world's biggest colourless diamond, Russia's New Diamond Technology has announced…
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Just six months after US based Pure Grown Diamonds announced that it had created the world’s biggest colourless diamond – a three carat K SI1 stone – Russia’s New Diamond Technology has announced that it has superseded the American record by more than two carats by with a 5.11 carat K S1 diamond.
The ‘Big Tamazi’ diamond, named in honour of the Russian synthetic diamond manufacturer’s president Tamazi Khikhinashvili, was cut from a 10.31 carat stone.
Alexander Kolyadin, the CEO of INREAL, the parent company of  New Diamond Technology, recently told Rough&Polished that it had developed a proprietary technology for the commercial cultivation of nitrogen-free colourless (type IIa) large diamonds (4 to 10 carats) using cubic presses and the HPHT method.
He said the technology enabled the company to grow nine D, E and F coloured stones totalling 45 carats in a single run.
“Currently, GIA is performing a comprehensive study of a batch of our colourless diamonds belonging to top grade colours (D, E, F) and having good quality characteristics (VVS-VS-SI1).
“We hope that after completing the study of our polished diamonds GIA will publish an ample article containing the results of this research in their collected works.
“In addition after a series of meetings with the Swiss Gemmological Institute, they expressed a strong desire to use our polished diamonds to define more exactly all the property nuances associated with synthetic diamonds on their newly created high-performance devices.”
Khikhinashvili said that in the near future New Diamond Technology will start the production of round cut diamonds weighing up to 4 carats with colours D, E, F and clarity from VVS to SI1.