Pink tender breaks records

Rio Tinto's 2010 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender has broken 'a number of records', according to Jean-Marc Lieberherr, general manager for the sales and marketing of…
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Rio Tinto’s 2010 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender has broken “a number of records”, according to Jean-Marc Lieberherr, the company’s general sales and marketing manager.
Lieberherr said Rio Tinto was delighted with the “exceptional result” achieved by this year’s tender which comprised “55 of the rarest and the best pink diamonds” from the company’s Argyle Diamond Mine in WA.
The collection, titled Earth Magic, was showcased around the world, including for the first time, mainland China.
“There was very strong competition across all lots and a number of records were broken,” said Lieberherr.
“These results are a clear indication of the growing appreciation of the rarity and value of Argyle pink diamonds.
“We have seen and continue to see, sustained demand and very strong prices.”
He said all 55 diamonds were sold into a broad representation of mature and emerging markets.
This year’s Tender confirmed the very strong interest from new markets that was observed in 2009, with India and China-based customers performing very well again,” he said.
“Bidders were particularly captivated by Lot Number 1, a magnificent 2.02 carat round brilliant fancy vivid purplish pink diamond named Argyle Mystra that was keenly sought after for its depth of colour and unparalleled beauty.”