Perth mints first pink diamond coin

The Perth Mint has launched the first ever legal tender coin featuring an Argyle Pink diamond.

Struck from 22-carat 91.67 percent pink gold, the Kimberley Sunset coin contains two ounces of pure gold and a 0.035-0.04 carat Argyle pink diamond. The coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse side and a boab tree and an Argyle pink diamond “setting sun” on its reverse side.
According to the Perth Mint, the coin is inspired by the dramatic landscape of Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region.

“The image of a boab tree lit up by the setting sun is synonymous with this region’s landscape,” said The Mint.

“The iconic boab tree is a unique symbol of the area, with some growing to more than 1500 years old… Beneath these ancient boab trees in the heart of the East Kimberley in Western Australia’s far north, the world’s rarest diamonds were formed more than a billion years ago.”

Each Kimberley Sunset coin, which has a $500 monetary denomination, is packaged in a black designer case and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

It has a RRP of $8880.

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