Michael Hill hints at impending brand refresh and brand ambassador

Australia’s renowned fine jewellery brand, Michael Hill, is gearing up to introduce a transformative new phase, slated for launch on April 15th.

Written by Jewellery World

Australia’s renowned fine jewellery brand, Michael Hill, is gearing up to introduce a transformative new phase, slated for launch on April 15th. After nearly two years of meticulous planning, speculation abounds that the brand may reveal its inaugural brand ambassador as part of this significant shift.

In a sneak peek video released today, Michael Hill teases elements of its upcoming brand refresh, signalling a departure towards a more refined and reimagined vision. This strategic move aims to solidify the brand’s position in the premium jewellery market while celebrating its rich heritage and commitment to creativity.

Chief executive officer of Michael Hill, Daniel Bracken, emphasised the significance of this repositioning within the brand’s long-term business strategy, stating, “As a global brand that offers modern, contemporary fine jewellery our repositioning marks a new era for the Michael Hill brand, part of our long-term business strategy. It not only exudes the reimagined vision for the brand, but it allows us to continue telling our heritage story in a new, exciting way. We can’t wait to relaunch and showcase our fine jewellery that focuses on quality, craftsmanship, and responsibility.” 

As part of the rebranding initiative, the flagship store in Chadstone, Australia, is slated for a transformation into a global retail space. This renovation will encompass every facet of the brand’s new direction, featuring its inaugural high jewellery collection, an enhanced in-store atmosphere, and semi-private selling areas. Additionally, the updated branding will see a gradual implementation across Michael Hill’s operational markets in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada over the coming years.

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The unveiling of a new brandmark rooted in Michael Hill’s origin narrative has captured attention. By ingeniously merging the initials “M” and “H,” the brandmark takes on the form of a window, a tribute to the iconic window displays conceptualised by Lady Christine Hill during Michael Hill’s foundational years.

Chief marketing officer of Michael Hill, Jo Feeney, expressed excitement about the brand’s evolution, noting the careful refinement process undertaken to ensure alignment with the brand’s heritage while embracing modernity.

“We’re excited to reveal our new brand positioning, it’s been a couple of years in the making. It’s been a process of fine-tuning to ensure our new brand journey perfectly encapsulates everything Sir Michael and Lady Christine Hill have built while allowing Michael Hill to be progressive and modern. Through our rebrand, we want to alter perceptions of what people think the Michael Hill brand portrays and create an aspirational shift in the market,” she says.

The rebranding efforts were facilitated through a collaboration with the creative brand agency CHEP, alongside extensive market research conducted both internally and externally. For further insights into Michael Hill’s journey and offerings, visit michaelhill.com.au or follow the brand on Instagram.

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