Australian jewellery designer becomes celebrity favourite 

The Australian brand name Ohliguer is on the lips of many celebrities.

Written by Jewellery World

The Australian brand name Ohliguer is on the lips of many celebrities. Jessica Cooper, the visionary owner and designer, is at the helm of this success. In an exclusive interview, Cooper shares her insights on Ohliguer’s rise to prominence, fueled by celebrity endorsements and a commitment to redefining Australian design on the global stage.

Cooper’s journey with Ohliguer has been nothing short of remarkable. Recently, the brand has captured the attention of A-list celebrities, including singers Tyla and Dawn Richard, and actors Chase Stokes and Coleman Domingo, who have graced red carpets adorned in Ohliguer’s exquisite pieces. For Cooper, seeing her meticulously crafted designs showcased on such prestigious platforms is both rewarding and exhilarating.

Sabrina Carpenter wears Ohliguer in Comsopolitan. Image supplied by Ohliguer.
Ohliguer emerald ring. Image supplied by Ohliguer.

“It is rather rewarding and fun to see the pieces that you have painstakingly worked on for months, even years, brought to life on the red carpet,” says Cooper. “The red carpet is the embodiment of glamour, sex, and sophistication—it is the ultimate backdrop for high jewellery.”

What draws these influential figures to Ohliguer’s designs? one might ask. Cooper attributes it to the brand’s distinct aesthetic, characterised by iconic motifs that push boundaries and create new trends. “Every design we create is iconic. It has a distinct aesthetic that is instantly recognisable. People, including the rich and famous, want to wear high jewellery with an edge and not something typically expected. Jewels that have not been seen before.”

Tyla wears Ohliguer. Image supplied by Ohliguer.
Tyla wears Ohliguer. Image supplied by Ohliguer.

But Ohliguer’s impact extends beyond celebrity endorsements. Cooper sees collaborations with prominent figures as an opportunity to elevate Australian fashion internationally. “In the world of high jewellery, Australia has not yet established itself as a leader in iconic jewellery,” Cooper acknowledges. “Although there are many successful Australian jewellers, I cannot think of a piece that is instantly recognisable in the same way as Bulgari’s Serpenti or Cartier’s Panther. Classic jewels are everywhere, but influential celebrities push boundaries and create new trends. Ohliguer enables this with its powerful and empowering motifs.”

With each celebrity endorsement and feature in influential publications, Ohliguer’s visibility continues to soar. Cooper anticipates a snowball effect, with the brand attracting an exclusive clientele seeking personalised Ohliguer creations. “After being featured in several influential magazines, including Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, and GQ, we are like a snowball gaining more recognition,” Cooper remarks. “The disruptive photoshoots together with the prestigious MET Gala have culminated in our burgeoning list of exclusive clientele and their insatiable need for personalised Ohliguer creations.”

Dawn Richard wears Ohliguer. Image supplied by Ohliguer.
Chase Stokes wears Ohliguer. Image supplied by Ohliguer.

Looking ahead, Cooper is determined to solidify Ohliguer’s status as an iconic jeweller representing Australia’s fierce power and elegance. Leveraging moments of recognition and association with prestigious events, she envisions Ohliguer setting new standards for creativity and sophistication in the world of high jewellery.

In the competitive landscape of international fashion, Cooper’s advice for aspiring Australian designers is simple yet profound: work tirelessly and persevere through challenges. “It was a controversial comment, however, I think Kim Kardashian phrased it best,” Cooper says, “although I will paraphrase her—work your ass off. It requires blood, sweat, and tears, but it is ultimately worth the difficult work when you are recognised as a true artist in the realm of jewellery.”

Dawn Richard wears Ohliguer. Images supplied by Ohliguer.
Dawn Richard wears Ohliguer. Images supplied by Ohliguer.

As for future collaborations and projects, Cooper remains tight-lipped, maintaining confidentiality until the right moment. However, she assures enthusiasts to keep an eye out for Ohliguer’s presence at upcoming red-carpet events, promising more captivating designs on the horizon.

Jessica Cooper’s journey with Ohliguer illustrates how creativity and determination can transform. With each piece she creates, Cooper is not just crafting jewellery—she is shaping a legacy of elegance, sophistication, and innovation that transcends boundaries and captivates the world.

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