Luv Letters launches online engraving service

Luv Letters has launched a website that enables stockists and customers their own engraved jewellery and see the finished result on screen instantly.

Luvletters-iPad1_slider_650x350Luv Letters has launched an interactive website that enables stockists and customers to create their own engraved jewellery and see the finished result on screen instantly. Visitors to the new website select an item of sterling silver or 9 carat gold jewellery and then choose the word(s) and the font they want engraved on it. Seconds later an image of the proposed product appears on the screen. Luv Letters director Mike Granshaw said the online engraving service was “a ground-breaking application”.

“It showcases how technology can enhance the customer experience and provide them with a fun and unique experience creating their own personalised jewellery piece.”

He said that although the new website has only been operational since February, the company was already experiencing an increase in sales.

“Customers love it as it gives them a sense of fun and achievement and lets them see exactly what they are going to get before they process their order. For stockists this takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process and gives the customer much more confidence in the product and their store.”

Developed by Tropical Brands, a sister company of Butterfly Silver, Luv Letters is currently stocked in Butterfly Silver’s 23 stores across Australia as well as four independent stores.

Granshaw is confident that the new website will increase its stockist numbers.

“All the stockist really needs is an iPad and they are ready to go but they can also order sample stock and displays if they wish.”

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