Gem experts get up close in Sydney

Some of the world's leading gemmological experts will be in Sydney this month to run workshops for jewellery valuers, retailers and wholesalers.

NCJV- Branko-Deljanin_slider_650x350CGL-GRS Swiss Canadian Gemlab president Branko Deljanin

The six workshops are:
Identifying synthetic diamonds (beginners) by Branko Deljanin, president and head gemmologist, CGL-GRS Swiss Canadian Gemlab, Vancouver, Canada

‘This half-day workshop teaches participants to screen for type II diamonds and identify synthetic diamonds using portable instruments. It also explains when stones should be sent for advanced testing to confirm synthetic origin.’

Identifying synthetic and treated diamonds by Branko Deljanin, president and head gemmologist, CGL-GRS Swiss Canadian Gemlab, Vancouver, Canada

‘A course for trained gemmologists and appraisers to identify different types of diamonds and learn to separate natural from synthetic and treated diamonds using standard and advanced gemmological equipment.’

Identifying and pricing amber by Vanessa Paterson, member, International Amber Association, London

‘Aimed at experienced gemmologists, this workshop teaches participants how to identify, grade and value amber from different locations and separate the real thing from modern amber resins and plastic imitations.’

Identifying the origin of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and spinels by Dr Adolf Peretti, Director, GRS Laboratories, Lucerne, Switzerland
‘This full-day workshop provides advanced training on identifying gemstones sourced from different parts of the world using standard gemmological equipment.’

Treatments and pricing for corundum and emeralds by Dr Cigdem Lule and Stuart Robertson, Gemworld International
A two-part workshop for industry specialists which looks at the pricing of rubies and sapphires based on specific treatment types as well as identifying and valuing treated emeralds.

Grading cultured pearls and coloured stones by Cigdem Lule and Stuart Robertson, Gemworld International

‘This two-part hands-on workshop teaches advanced gemmologists how to examine and grade a variety of cultured pearls as well coloured gemstones to estimate their value.’

NCJV president Kym Hughes said the workshops are “a unique opportunity to learn from highly respected specialists”.

“Never before have we had such high calibre international gemmological experts at the same event in Australia,” he said.

“Many of them are here for the first time – the workshops are a must for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge.”

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