Hong Kong based findings company opens doors in Sydney

New Century Findings was established in Hong Kong over 20 years ago and now brings its extensive range of fine jewellery and components to the…

New Century Findings was established in Hong Kong over 20 years ago and now brings its extensive range of fine jewellery and components to the Australian market.

Sidney Law is the director of NCF Australia and says the new Australian branch of the company is keen to offer choice to independent businesses, large and small, and looks forward to establishing long-term relationships with companies that are ready to grow.

“We have a large collection of the latest European fashions which have not traditionally been easily available in this market,” says Sidney. “Our passion for beauty and quality led us to importing jewellery and components from Italy, Germany, Japan and USA which is quite unusual when the mainstream was exporting Made-in-China goods.”

Since 1998, and with the added benefits of Hong Kong being a free port, NCF has built up an efficient distribution network for affordable luxury jewellery. Sidney is pleased to offer the results of this experience to Australian jewellers, giving them the ability to present different and unconventional choices to their customers. 

“We have inventory for same day delivery, our business is scalable, there is no minimum quantity required to start a business but we also can fulfil big and custom-made orders in a short time,” says Sidney. “For people who want to make their own designs, we can supply most of the items semi-finished or by metre. 

The level of creativity and craftsmanship in Italy not only makes jewellery more appealing but, to many people’s surprise, it’s often the case that Italian jewellery components are more economical due to state-of-the-art technology, automation and production scale.” 

NCF Aus also prides itself on its responsible and ethical sourcing credentials, factors that Sidney recognises are increasingly vital in many consumers’ decisions. “All our manufacturers care about the environment,” he says, “and are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and are ISO certified.” NCF Aus has also taken measures to minimise the company’s footprint by eliminating any necessary packaging, using digital media for order processing, and reusing and recycling whenever possible. 

Sidney points out that stock management is one crucial area where NCF Aus can be of assistance. “We roll out new styles every month so there are more reasons for your customers to come back and shop. Our clients can access our large inventory and tailor their unique collection – all supported by NCF Aus and our parent company’s massive stock. Our clients who operate online stores can benefit from this enormously.” He adds that NCF customers have 24×7 product and stock support from the company’s online platform.

NCF Aus will be exhibiting at the International Jewellery Fair in August in Sydney, and the Jewellery Industry Fair in February 2023 in Melbourne. 

“We hope there will be more trade fairs in Australia where people can meet face to face soon – we’ll be there!” Sidney says, “but in the meantime, our online catalogue provides product details with high quality images and we constantly update it with new arrivals.” 

Potential clients are welcome to visit the NCF showroom in the Sydney CBD to view the full collection.

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