An Event for all! – Jewellery Industry Summit

‘Connecting the jewellery industry with business services in a way that’s never been done before.’ – Laura Moore

It seems that 2020 is already a year bringing about significant change to the jewellery industry with new buying groups, new technology and now new support for the industry.

Recently announced is the Jewellery Industry Summit, which aims to ‘empower, inspire and enable businesses to succeed into the future’, according to event organiser Laura Moore from Moore Events Australia.

Moore started her career in the Jewellery Industry in 2006 where she worked as the Marketing Manager for Peter W Beck. During her time there she volunteered on the board of the JAA and also helped set up the Academy of Jewellery Manufacture and Design. Moore founded The Marketing Mind in 2016, a successful company assisting businesses in their marketing function, and in most recent years she has worked with some of Australia’s largest brands and on some major events such as the Australian Open, Supercars, WOMAD and Adelaide Fringe Festival.

The new Jewellery Industry Summit has taken a fresh approach to events held in the jewellery industry with the focus being on supporting business through education and services. 6 months out and the Summit already has a packed agenda with speakers from Channel 9 and PwC confirmed. 

We sat down with Laura, Director at Moore Events Australia to talk more about this exciting event.

Laura, you have been in the industry for a while now, what made you want to create this event?

I’ve always been incredibly passionate about the jewellery industry and have for many years now worked in a range of different ways to help businesses and the industry grow. This event is the culmination of lots of conversations over many years with different jewellery businesses, associations and educators.  

Explain the format of the Summit.

The Summit is made up of many different features and will run over two days. Guests will have access to multiple different workshops where they can learn both business skills and also jewellery handskills. There are lots of amazing speakers to present during both days of the summit on topics that effect the industry and business functions, and we have some incredible exhibitors who will provide a range of different services to the industry, both in jewellery specific services and also business services.

The Jewellery Industry Summit will also host a range of different networking events, the first being at the Summit on the Friday at the Wine Centre after a Q&A with some of the industry’s leaders.

There are so many more exciting and interesting guest experiences, some of which will be announced and some which guests will have to wait to experience on the day.

How do you see this benefiting the industry this year and in the future?

There are so many facets to this brilliant industry, that I see the Summit as a platform to bring everyone together to work to build and lift the industry. By adding experienced companies to contribute to jewellery businesses and focusing on learning and encouraging growth, I definitely see this event being the centre point of the industry working together each year. All associations, all types of businesses, young and more mature members, all working on building a bright future.

Is there a reason that Adelaide was chosen over another major city?

Adelaide was chosen because not only did it provide a beautiful venue as the backdrop to this inaugural summit, but it’s also nice and central to make the event more accessible for WA, VIC and TAS businesses, whilst not being too far for NSW or QLD businesses either.

The state also has so many options for holiday experiences. We are putting together a range of travel packages for guests to book after the summit, to the Barossa Valley or Flinders Ranges meaning guests can attend to build their business and then have a couple of days relaxing to digest everything they have experienced.

What do you hope people will take away from the experience?

I hope they take away a sense of excitement and confidence about what the future holds for their business. My vision for the Summit has really been to give back as much support for all kinds of businesses, from retailers to manufacturers, to importers and suppliers, gemmologists, valuers, everyone who contributes to the make up of the industry. So the goal is to ensure that everyone of our guests, no matter what their business or background, can attend the summit and gain knowledge, a valuable connection and network and have fun with their peers.

What kind of speakers and exhibitors are involved?

We are working with companies who work with small and large businesses in a range of different areas. We have some huge brands attending, some significant industry leaders attending and some very experienced business men and women presenting their knowledge. The mix of expertise is very broad actually, including accounting, OHS, digital, marketing, refining, CAD CAM, customer service, diamonds, insurance, education, and the list goes on and on!

From the website, clearly there is a strong level of support already, are you surprised about the feedback you’ve received so far?

I think the support and amount of positive feedback that I’ve received so far is just indicative of how much the industry has been wanting and needing something like this. I’m thrilled to receive a significant amount of support from some incredible businesses and sponsors and also companies that have never dealt with the jewellery industry before who can see the potential of this event.

What does the future of the Summit look like?

The Summit is geared to grow each year where the format will be reflective of what the industry needs. We will be working hard to ensure that it remains relevant and that guests and exhibitors see value out of attending.

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