Diamond lands in English village

A diamond launched into space by London-based jewellery retailer, 77 Diamonds, has landed near the village of Lea in Gainsborough.

A £12,000 cushion-cut diamond launched into space in a special promotion by London-based  jewellery retailer, 77 Diamonds, has landed near the village of Lea in Gainsborough but remains unclaimed.

77 Diamonds, in trust with the UK Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), launched the diamond into space for its ‘Diamond in the Sky’ hunt on Thursday (August 7) and has since been tracking it via GPS.

According to the company, the diamond, which was mounted on a steel rod frame attached to a helium balloon and rose above the earth until the atmospheric pressure at the edge of space caused the balloon to pop, was in the air for over 150 minutes and travelled around 95km.

The stunt is to promote the jewellery retailer’s online interactive universe, Diamonds in the Sky, which invites users to populate a virtual night sky with thousands of stars – each one unique and named after someone or something special.

Tobias Kormind, co-founder of 77 Diamonds, said the company was very excited about the launch.

“What better way to raise awareness of our virtual universe than by actually making it a reality and putting a diamond in the sky for the first time ever,” he said.

“77 Diamonds has a long history of helping people to find the perfect diamond for an extra-special event in their lives. With Diamonds in the Sky, we wanted to explore the parallels between diamonds and stars in an imaginative and engaging way.”

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