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It is always a very special moment when one can witness the incredible ability of a jeweller who can invigorate awe and curiosity with their…

It is always a very special moment when one can witness the incredible ability of a jeweller who can invigorate awe and curiosity with their pieces. Not everyone possesses this talent, but if we encountered it commonly then they wouldn’t be as extraordinary. One particular jeweller has mastered this ability and flourished through years of dedication and application of their immeasurable talent. This is the reality for the Gold Coast’s very own – Benjamin Tracy, owner of Finelines Jewellers.  Ben has combined his incredible passion for jewellery taking inspiration from the fiery essence of each individual gemstone to create eye-catching pieces.

From working in Bali with local artisans, to exploring the vividly decorated streets of London, Ben has the experience that some people can only dream of. One of which being his acceptance to work at Garrard Crown Jewellers in London. “My dream, when I was a young apprentice, was to someday work with the Crown Jewellers in London”. By pursuing this dream, he spent a decade inside the workshop, learning new skills and refining old ones.

Ben’s love and dedication for the industry allows him to create stunning high-profile pieces of jewellery. This includes the marquise cut diamond ring for David Beckham’s Engagement, “The Heart of the Ocean” from the Blockbuster film The Titanic, and multiple pieces within Queen Elizabeth II’s private collection. Ben’s extensive resumè and impressive calibre of clients is just the beginning. He sees himself “being inspired to create beautiful pieces for his clients”, with his fantastic team well into the future.

Finelines Jewellers was established in 1997 and was running successfully when Ben was handed the baton. The inspiration for Ben’s Jewellery comes from a variety of places. This includes nature’s vast oceans, beaches and ocean skies. However, “life in the city is what really inspires” Ben to make his jewellery. Regardless of whether it’s “fashion, industrial design, or architecture”, all of them are strong points of inspiration.

Finelines Jewellers utilises a variety of innovative techniques to create their masterful pieces of jewellery, having each of them come from their own individual region containing intriguing stories that are like no other.  “The techniques I use to create simple, yet elegant jewellery are drawn from all the great jewellers I have worked alongside”,  Ben says. These jewellers have hailed from Ben’s experiences in Indonesia, England, and France. 

It is clear to see how Ben takes inspiration from his life experiences in his art and it is refreshing to see him continue to strive to learn and experience more in order to advance his jewellery. By taking elements of skills from each of the artisans who he has worked with, “it has helped me create the type of jewellery I create now”, Ben says.

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