Jeweller in Focus – Bluebell Design

Michelle Kennedy, the founder of Bluebell Design, has nurtured her lifelong passion for jewellery since her early years. Her dedication and love for the craft…

By The Gem Monarchy

Michelle Kennedy, the founder of Bluebell Design, has nurtured her lifelong passion for jewellery since her early years. Her dedication and love for the craft have propelled her success in the jewellery industry, and she has also ventured into the realm of wedding photography. 

Michelle’s journey began with her apprenticeship in Jewellery Manufacturing after high school. She furthered her education in gemstones and jewellery by completing the Diploma of Gemmology at the Gemmological Association of Australia, which enabled her to appreciate and understand gemstones at a deeper level.

While she pursued her studies, she found herself captivated by the wide range of gemstones available, and astonished at the lack of representation these precious stones had in mainstream jewellery stores for the general public. In 2017, Michelle took the bold step of launching Bluebell Design, immersing herself in the gemstone business. She had a strong support system throughout this journey, including her husband Kieren and like-minded friends within and outside the industry.

At Bluebell Design, Michelle focuses on creating unique and beautiful pieces of jewellery that allow individuals to express themselves through gemstones. She believes in the importance of educating her clients about the characteristics and durability of different stones. Michelle aims to debunk the notion that more delicate gemstones are less beautiful, emphasising that each stone has its time and place.

Patience, passion, and femininity are the cornerstones of Michelle’s jewellery creations. She exemplifies patience in every aspect of jewellery-making, from understanding her clients’ desires to sourcing the perfect materials. Passion drives her to create unique and meaningful pieces that forge a deep connection with her clients. Michelle draws inspiration from nature, particularly flowers, and infuses her strong feminine style into her designs, ensuring they are both delicate and wearable.

In the jewellery industry, Michelle has faced challenges in maintaining her identity and artistic freedom. She has learned to say no to projects that do not align with her enjoyment and beliefs, allowing room for creations she genuinely connects with. Surrounding herself with respected jewellers has helped her navigate these challenges and stay true to herself.

Michelle’s role as a mother of two daughters greatly influences her jewellery creations. The feminine elements she is drawn to, such as flowers, butterflies, and sentimental treasures, find their way into her designs. As a wedding photographer alongside her husband, she gains inspiration from the meaningful moments couples share. This holistic approach to her life and business brings a unique perspective to her jewellery-making process.

Michelle Kennedy’s journey in the jewellery industry exemplifies the power of passion, dedication, and creativity. Her ability to educate clients, create one-of-a-kind pieces, and maintain her artistic integrity sets her apart. With Bluebell Design, Michelle continues to inspire and make a lasting impact in the world of jewellery, driven by her unwavering love for the craft and the beauty it brings to people’s lives.

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