Wedds & Co –  A True British Manufacturer

Wedds & Co are a British manufacturer of high-quality wedding, fashion, and eternity rings. With years of expert skills in craftsmanship, Wedds & Co are…

Wedds & Co are a British manufacturer of high-quality wedding, fashion, and eternity rings. With years of expert skills in craftsmanship, Wedds & Co are here to redefine the world of jewellery. Based in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, England, Wedds & Co prides itself in achieving luxurious, lifetime products finished to a high-quality standard. 

Zedd – Style and Sophistication 

Style and sophistication are at the forefront of this new designer range by Wedds & Co. Introducing sleek black zirconium incorporated with the elegance of precious metals. Zedd is like no other within the jewellery industry. The collection showcases the unparalleled quality and innovative designs, seamlessly blending wedding and fashion rings to cater to those who appreciate the beauty of both combinations.

Perfect for him and her, commemorating life’s most precious moments, Wedds & Co’s striking, fashion-forward designs are not just limited to wedding days but can be worn as a fashionable statement piece for any occasion. Presenting exquisite design features, from sleek and classy to elaborate and edgy, Zedd brings you plenty of diverse options that reflect the desires of an otherwise standard wedding ring. 

Each ring is adorned with touches of precious metals. The Zedd Duo features Platinum, 9ct or 18ct gold with black zirconium to update your classic, contemporary designs. Zedd Pure showcases pure zirconium entwined with silver for a sleek and bold look. Zedd Diamond adds a touch of brilliance with beautiful black or white diamonds.

Not only does zirconium lend itself as a beautiful piece of jewellery, but it is also known for its unique qualities, such as being highly durable and hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin. Gaining immense popularity in the world of jewellery means that Zedd is designed to last a lifetime. When you choose Zedd, you invest in a symbol of love, style, and individuality.

Manufactured to the Finer Detail

Aesthetically designed and manufactured in the UK, Wedds & Co’s unique trademark manufacturing process sets them apart from other zirconium manufacturers. Bearing a UK hallmark on the inside of the precious metal, you can be confident knowing that your Zedd purchase is certified by one of the Assay offices in the UK.

Exclusive Designs

Zedd is uniquely trademark registered to ensure our creations’ authenticity and exclusivity. This means that all designs are exclusive to Wedds & Co. You can be assured that this trademark is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the finest manufactured piece of Zedd jewellery – signifying our unwavering commitment to excellence within the jewellery industry.

If you would like to know more and would be interested in seeing the inspiring Zedd collection, come and visit the Jewellery Industry Fair, stall 81 at Carriageworks Sydney, 26th to the 28th of August. 

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