The Fashionable Diamond – More than just luxury

Fashion is an element that is often overlooked or deemed ostentatious. Despite this perception, personal style has consistently allowed individuals to demonstrate their creative expression…

Fashion is an element that is often overlooked or deemed ostentatious. Despite this perception, personal style has consistently allowed individuals to demonstrate their creative expression and often reflect their thoughts or feelings. Some certain styles and motifs indicate how an individual sees themselves or wants others to see them. Diamonds have exclusively been associated with glamour, wealth and elegance. As global affairs and sentiments affect fashion choices, steering away from conventional expressions has gained traction. However, the aim doesn’t appear to favour the erasure of certain elements, but rather adaptation. How does the diamond, once a symbol of love and refinement, adapt to today’s fashion choices? 

Colourful Celebrities

With fast fashion sentiments declining, people are making more deliberate choices with their fashion by selecting pieces of sentimental value and longevity to combat the movement. With this comes the desire for uniqueness. Fancy coloured diamonds have become a staple in the creative expression of fashion as they embrace individuality. Compared to a white diamond which is often associated with engagements, we are seeing a rise in demand for coloured diamond rings that match the wearer’s personality. 

Coloured diamonds are most commonly yellow and brown, however, rarer colours such as green and pink are also attainable. The rarity of these diamonds is also a great incentive for people trying to express originality in their fashion choices. World-class celebrities have aided in the rise of popularity with coloured diamonds. Rihanna famously wore a triple set of brown diamonds to the 95th Academy Awards. The trio of Moussaieff jewels contained deep orange-brown, yellow and white diamonds, showcasing how enticing coloured diamonds are and when worn by an a-lister is only more convincing. 

Even as an engagement ring choice, we are seeing celebrities turn to coloured diamonds as their symbols of love. Jennifer Lopez was gifted a rare green diamond ring from her husband, Ben Affleck, for their second engagement. The significance of the Ilan Portugali green diamond ring represents JLo’s favourite and lucky colour. The singer-turned-actress details that incredible moments happen in her life when she wears green. Unique and personal styles are spilling into the engagement ring market which proves to be a great opportunity for both consumers and jewellery makers to get colourful and creative.

Fashion Week and on the street

Whether it’s hot off the runway or gaining traction on social media, the rise in unique and personal styles in fashion and jewellery is firing up. Maximalism, cottage-core, indie sleaze and retro are just a few style aesthetics that have resurfaced in the face of post-pandemic fashion and diamonds have adapted to the trends. Interesting silhouettes, materials and layering have formed an overall outside-of-the-box style and jewellery further stipulates this. Toi et moi, chunky metal settings, and stand-out cocktail rings adorned with diamonds are heavily on trend with this movement. Rings with diamond clusters are also in the spotlight as they massively contribute to the maximalist style by adding fullness to the fingers and bringing attention to the wearer. 

Diamonds are also fashionable when paired with a little something extra, like a pearl or a coloured gemstone. This is commonly seen on toi et moi style rings because it brings an element of that unique expression while still feeling traditional. However, we are now starting to see this in different jewellery types. Boucheron’s Pompon Bracelet is the perfect example of this incorporation. The Pompon’s diamond and pearl weave of the chain-like bracelet contrasting with the drippy tassel demonstrates a contemporary take on traditional materials. This design hints at maximalist aesthetics with the spectacle of the tassel while showing the elegance of the diamonds. 

With nods to Y-2K fashion, flowers and rosettes have bloomed again in fashion trends. These motifs have been popping up on all kinds of jewellery in extremely creative ways. Incorporating two trends in one, Buccellati has positioned beautiful diamonds to recreate a flower shape on a stunning white gold cocktail ring. Chanel continues to sport their Fil de Camélia Ring trailing diamonds through a flower-shaped white gold setting. Van Cleef & Arpels has taken a different approach to the flower motif with their Frivole ring containing a cluster of eight flowers made of yellow gold with white diamonds acting as the pistils of the flowers. Van Cleef & Arpels has also recognised the pendant necklace trend by also incorporating flower motifs into their Flowerlace clip and pendant. This is popular in the maximalist style aesthetic, a clear winner of 2023. The stunning white gold and diamond flower can be worn with the chain or as a stand-alone clip, which is desirable for consumers looking to be deliberate with their choices, seeking out beautiful and long-lasting jewellery. 

Look-at-me pieces, such as long, chunky earrings and chains are making their way back into fashion which is great for the diamond market. Messika has honed in on this trend with pieces like their D-Vibes Multi-Row Earrings. Adorned with emerald-cut and pavé set diamonds, the bounciness of the dangling rows of diamonds and the additional pavé cluster that cuffs the top of the ear, ensures all eyes are on the wearer. Similarly, Messika’s Move Uno Multi Pendant Earrings are also very on-trend with the chain-like length of diamonds flowing down from the ear. Clearly, another diamond-filled piece doing the absolute most to bring its wearer’s attention. 

Evidently, diamonds are no longer just for the engaged or married. Thinking outside the box is the way of the future for the diamond industry and consumers are eager to try new things. Leaning into current fashion aesthetics can lead to adapting new skills, tapping into a new market, or reinvigorating creativity for industry professionals. Although being a part of the fashion-forward diamond is more than just following trends, it’s about being authentic and having the consumer’s wants and needs in mind. Now is the time to be daring with diamonds and allows the consumer to express themselves in ways that feel authentic to them. 

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