Looking Forward to 2024

Here is what the industry has to look forward to.

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2024 Industry

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, the jewellery industry is ready for a journey guided by innovation, resilience, and countless opportunities. 2024 is already starting to look like an exciting year. Here is what the industry has to look forward to.

The Industry Forum

In the heart of our February edition lies a pivotal inclusion for the jewellery industry—the Industry Forum. A congregation of luminaries, visionaries, and leaders, this forum promises to be a melting pot of ideas, achievements, and challenges that have defined the landscape of the jewellery industry in 2023, and what the future holds for 2024. 

Among the people included in the Forum are Dr Adriana Traviati, founder of Saphira Diamonds and a World Diamond Council Member. Tony Enriquez, managing director of Showcase Jewellers. Richard Mayo, director at Jewellery Services. Kym Hughes, president of the NCJV. Laura Moore, managing director of the Jewellery Industry Network. Joshua Sharp, president of the JAA and many more. Together, these leaders symbolise the diverse facets of our vibrant industry, each bringing a unique perspective and wealth of experience to the dynamic conversations expected at the upcoming Industry Forum.

2024 Industry Forum Kym Hughes

“It was great to bring like-minded people from across the country back together again to participate in excellent learning and social activities,” says Kym Hughes. 

2024 Industry Forum  Richard Mayo

“The industry [must] come together to create, grow and develop new talent to ensure skilled labour does not become a bottleneck for success,” says Richard Mayo.

2024 Industry Forum Adriana Traviati

“Surround yourself with kind people and establish a good network. You should never be the smartest person in the room, and if you are, find a new room to stand in,” says Adriana Traviati.

The above is just a sneak peek into the themes crucial to the industry’s growth. Discussions will cover a wide range of topics, from technological advancements to sustainable practices. Participants will share insights into the challenges they faced and the triumphs that defined their professional journeys in 2023. Moreover, the Forum aims to provide invaluable advice for professionals, offering a compass for navigating the evolving landscape next year and beyond.

The Industry Forum aims to voyage into the heart of the jewellery industry, guided by those who have navigated its currents with distinction. As we eagerly await the insights and revelations that will unfold, one thing is certain—the future of jewellery shines bright, and it is in the hands of its visionary leaders. 

Looking After Industry Mental Health

In May 2024, the tranquil scenery of the Barossa Valley will play host to a transformative event—the Hygge Jewellery Industry Retreat. An initiative by the Jewellery Industry Network and Achievement Collective, this retreat signifies a profound commitment to prioritising mental health, recognising it as the cornerstone of a productive and fulfilling life.

Beyond the picturesque landscapes, the retreat offers an array of therapeutic practices curated to address the unique challenges of the industry. Sound therapy, a holistic wellness practice, envelops participants in the resonating sounds of singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and nature sounds. This auditory symphony promotes relaxation and stress reduction, creating an environment conducive to mental rejuvenation.

Guided meditation, another integral element, transcends the mundane. Led by experienced narrators, participants embark on a soothing mental journey accompanied by calming background music. This mindfulness practice encourages relaxation, inner peace, and mental clarity, allowing for a profound connection with one’s inner self.

In the spirit of holistic wellbeing, the retreat includes a structured and interactive resilience workshop. This session becomes a cornerstone, equipping participants with practical skills to navigate challenges and adversities inherent in personal and professional life. Attendees will delve into strategies for building resilience, cultivating adaptability, and thriving in the face of uncertainty—a vital roadmap for the journey ahead.

Adding a creative and therapeutic dimension, the retreat hosts a painting and mindfulness session. This unique experience combines painting with mindfulness practices, providing a canvas for self-expression and emotional exploration. It’s not about perfection but about using the strokes of a brush to delve into emotions, promote self-awareness, and alleviate stress. This session becomes a canvas for self-discovery and artistic expression, stimulating relaxation and emotional wellbeing.

Join the unique blend of relaxation, self-discovery, and professional camaraderie and collectively embark on a transformative path toward a more balanced, resilient, and thriving professional life.

The Jewellery Industry Fair

Another year means another round of trade fairs. The interest, excitement and anticipation for the Jewellery Industry Fair is growing as the Melbourne instalment approaches. Over March 9th and 10th, attendees can expect the inclusion of exhibitors from all areas of the industry, niceties set to quench your thirst, fulfil your appetite, and relax your body and mind, and, of course, the JIN Lawn Party, all hosted at the highly coveted Timber Yard in Port Melbourne. This year’s Melbourne chapter will make the 2023 version look out of style.

If you find yourself wanting more after Melbourne, the second-ever Jewellery Industry Fair in Sydney is set to be bigger and better than the original. After breaking more than a few records in 2023, the Jewellery Industry Fair will again be host to an impressive array of guest speakers, workshops and an unmatched sense of community. 2024 will uphold the true value of the Jewellery Industry Network—built by the industry, for the industry. 

In an effort to keep spirits high and let the hardworking industry let loose, 2024’s Soirée in Sydney promises to be the party of the year. Anyone who attended this year knows that a room filled with fun, music, laughter and great-tasting cocktails is the place you want to be. Imagine this year’s event, double the amount of people and fun—you’re only scratching the surface of how elevated next year’s party will be.

The upcoming Jewellery Industry Fairs in Melbourne and Sydney promise to redefine industry gatherings with a blend of creativity, community, and celebration. Melbourne’s event at the Timber Yard guarantees an immersive experience with diverse exhibitors and the JIN Lawn Party, setting an energetic tone. Sydney follows suit, amplifying its success with the second instalment, embodying the values of the Jewellery Industry Network. The pinnacle of these celebrations, the Soirée, emerges as a vibrant space for collective revelry, solidifying these events as not just trade fairs but dynamic expressions of industry unity and innovation, making them a must-attend for industry enthusiasts in the coming year.

The Centre

In the heart of Sydney, a transformative opportunity for innovation and collaboration is on the horizon—The Centre. Under the leadership of Laura Moore, the managing director of the Jewellery Industry Network, this revolutionary space will redefine what community means in the jewellery industry. It represents not just a physical location but a dynamic force that transcends traditional boundaries, offering an all-encompassing and versatile haven for industry professionals.

Versatile Hub

The Centre emerges as more than a mere physical entity—it evolves into a dynamic hub meticulously crafted to cater to the multifaceted needs of the jewellery industry. As an envisioned central repository, it is slated to become the industry’s go-to resource hub, aggregating invaluable assets such as supplier information, industry associations, educational materials, and more. The overarching goal is to create a seamless and collaborative platform that promotes connectivity across every facet of the jewellery industry, uniting professionals and resources.

Multi-Functional Space

What truly sets The Centre apart is its unwavering commitment to versatility. Beyond the conventional confines of an office, it evolves into a vibrant and multifunctional arena. From hosting illuminating workshops to facilitating educational seminars and serving as a nexus for collaborative endeavours, Laura Moore guides The Centre toward becoming an inclusive space where companies and individuals combine. It’s a space designed to encourage the sharing of ideas and the elevation of the collective potential of the entire industry.

2024 The Centre

Innovative Facilities

The Centre is meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs of the industry. Its innovative facilities include provisions for both hot-desking and hot-benching, seamlessly accommodating the flexible workstyles demanded by the modern era. A dedicated jewellery manufacturing area with nine benches showcases an unwavering commitment to hands-on craftsmanship, where creativity and skill flourish. Suppliers and members can leverage this space for VIP nights, product showcases, and intimate events, benefitting from the added convenience of local free parking for guests.

Education at the Core

At its core, The Centre emerges as a stronghold for education, ready to empower individuals within the industry. The upcoming year promises a rich calendar of business seminars and hands-on skill workshops. With a strategic focus on knowledge, The Centre seeks to ensure that industry professionals remain at the forefront of advancements and trends, enabling a community of continuous learning and growth.

As the Jewellery Industry Network unveils this transformative space, The Centre transcends its physicality, becoming a symbol of progress and collaboration within the jewellery industry. Join us in the anticipation of The Centre’s unfolding journey of education, innovation, and collective growth in this dynamic industry.

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