Jewellery Industry Fair – Promoting Inclusivity and Support

Sydney’s Jewellery Industry Fair continues to set a high standard for inclusivity and support within the industry and is now offering a Crèche facility as…

Sydney’s Jewellery Industry Fair continues to set a high standard for inclusivity and support within the industry and is now offering a Crèche facility as a valuable addition. This commendable effort showcases the event’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that attendees and suppliers with childcare responsibilities can fully participate in the Fair without any restrictions or concerns.

Recognising the importance of work-life balance, the Jewellery Industry Fair acknowledges that individuals should not need to choose between advancing their business and fulfilling their parental responsibilities. With the introduction of the Crèche, the Fair provides a valuable solution that allows attendees to do both. By offering professional childcare services, the Jewellery Industry Fair ensures that all individuals, regardless of their parental status or gender, have an equal opportunity to engage in networking, explore industry offerings, and conduct business. This progressive approach not only promotes gender equality but also encourages a more diverse and inclusive industry.

In addition to its commitment to childcare support, the Jewellery Industry Fair demonstrates a strong dedication to accessibility by choosing the Carriageworks in Sydney as its venue. This selection is a testament to the Fair’s goal of enabling the full participation of all attendees. The Carriageworks has an access ramp leading to the main entrance at street level, located at 245 Wilson Street. This ramp provides a convenient and inclusive entry point for individuals who use wheelchairs or mobility aids, ensuring their seamless access to the event.

The Carriageworks offers accessible parking options, which are located at the end of the venue via 229 Wilson Street. This designated accessible parking area includes three dedicated mobility spaces, providing attendees with convenient parking options. Inside the main building, the venue also features accessible toilets equipped with appropriate space and accessibility features. These facilities are designed to provide convenience and comfort for all attendees, including those who require baby-changing facilities while utilising the Crèche. Additionally, the friendly staff at Carriageworks are readily available to assist and guide individuals who require support in these areas, further enhancing the overall experience.

In addition to the venue’s accessibility features, the Jewellery Industry Fair goes above and beyond to enhance the overall convenience and inclusivity of the event through a free shuttle bus service. The shuttle bus will run back and forth from the Carriageworks to the centre of the city, providing a seamless transportation option for all attendees. This service is designed to cater to the diverse needs of participants, ensuring that people can easily access the fair without facing transportation barriers.

The Sydney Jewellery Industry Fair recognises the significance of events where the industry gathers together to learn and grow from each other. These events provide invaluable opportunities for networking, collaboration and innovation. By creating a welcoming space that is inclusive and accessible, the Jewellery Industry Fair is dedicated to holding events that are representative of the diverse and vibrant community that fuels the world of jewellery.

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