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Poix & Troy’s success is built on magnificent and unique coloured stones. Philippe Poix and Craig Troy, the founders of Poix & Troy understand both…

Poix & Troy’s success is built on magnificent and unique coloured stones. Philippe Poix and Craig Troy, the founders of Poix & Troy understand both traditional and emerging trends, noting emerald-cut and other fancy shapes are back in fashion in a big way. Adoring cushion-cut and oval-shapes for many of their coloured gemstone rings, Philippe and Craig pride themselves on their gemstones being of the highest quality and are sourced ethically from around the world. They realise that it is becoming a challenge and an adventure to find vivid, rare coloured stones for their collections, however they maintain their ethics and transparency around the origin of their gems, as selecting and sourcing coloured stones for their beautiful collections is paramount to their success.

Philippe commenced his career working with an international colour and precious gemstone group and is extremely passionate about colour stones. Poix & Troy’s collections all begin with beautiful colours and unique designs — a key element of who they are.  Their intent is to always create pieces that exude glamour and elegance, and they are constantly reinventing the past to create the future. Their biggest strength and passion is to create beauty in celebration of art and elegance. Beautiful finishes and attention to detail is always the expectation. Poix & Troy design a dazzling gallery for each piece and every Haute Couture piece features a hero stone adorned with gold and surrounded by clusters of diamonds or gems. Poix & Troy listen, analyse, advise and understand their customers’ needs to collaboratively realise their dreams and create bespoke designs that represent each customers’ individual style.

Combining quality stones with a creative and collaborative design process results in world-class, exquisite pieces. Intricate sophistication or simple elegance, Poix & Troy pieces of jewellery are unique objects of desire. Philippe and Craig are currently travelling each week to every city across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, presenting their collections of brooches, rings, earrings and pendants to their wonderful customers with whom they celebrate this new era of colour and elegance. Poix & Troy work with all styles and sizes of boutiques and the breadth of their collections means there is something for everyone who loves elegance and refined pieces. Coloured stones allow boutiques to create eye-catching window displays and attract customers to find a special piece that no one else can compete with. Poix & Troy love to excite their customers with new and fresh pieces and with every piece, they create and share a story which adds meaning and establishes deeper connections to their jewellery. 

Find out more about Poix & Troy at poixandtroy.com.au

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