Industry Forum 2022: JC Jewels – Craig Miller, CEO

The diamond wholesale industry is extremely traditional with little change. Prior to COVID-19, my company, JC Jewels, embarked on a journey to develop tech and…

The diamond wholesale industry is extremely traditional with little change. Prior to COVID-19, my company, JC Jewels, embarked on a journey to develop tech and evolve to be a new-age diamond wholesale company to assist jewellers to change the way they buy their diamonds. No one had any idea the pandemic was around the corner, a time that would test every business, forcing them to adapt fast or die. For me the biggest highlight or sense of relief, was how well-positioned our JC jewels technology platform was to assist our clients from the outset of the pandemic.

JC Jewels provided our clients with modern tech and the capability to present, share with clients and sell diamonds from our B2B platform 24/7/365 from any location, with over 500 million dollars worth of diamonds to choose from. Looking at the volume of consistent sales during the many lockdowns in 2021, I am grateful to say our platform solved many jewellers’ challenges. The feedback from our clients is that we truly made a difference when it came to acquiring, presenting and selling diamonds and diamond jewellery during such turbulent and fast changing times.

As a trusted supplier to our local trade, I feel I gave our clients the maximum support needed – after all I do have their best interests at heart. Personally, I feel a sense of pride as I made a difference to our clients who consistently support our business and rely on us for their diamond supply.

What do you see ahead?

JC Jewels is continually adding new products to our offering ensuring our clients are at the forefront of all new developments within their offering. During lockdowns we added new lines such as matched shoulder stones in all shapes, lab grown jewellery range and more. JC Jewels is known as the go to for lab grown diamonds in Australia and NZ and in 2022 will take lab grown diamonds to the next level as JC Jewels launches WD Lab Grown Diamonds.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds grows the highest standard of lab grown diamonds with integrity, setting a new standard for innovation, sustainability and social responsibility. Watch this space as JC Jewels and WD Lab Grown Diamonds takes your diamond business to the next level with As-Grown CVD Type IIa, rown in the USA with full origin traceability, certified sustainably rated and pioneering The 5th C: Climate Neutrality™, the ultimate lab grown diamond package by WD Lab Grown Diamonds.

How do you think closed borders affected our industry?

We are seeing disposable income previously spent on travel moving into jewellers’ tills. JC Jewels has delivered newness to our clients to help excite consumers and assist our clients to acquire the cash consumers were spending on travel. Our technology has substantially improved jewellers’ delivery and execution at the counter, helping convert more sales and faster. I am optimistic this new trend could revitalise consumers to once again aspire to look beautiful wearing diamond jewellery or want to own more, as we claw back the disposable income we lost to the technology and travel industries.

What advice do you have for businesses in 2022?

Work closer with your local suppliers! Now more than ever, local suppliers are very important to retailers’ success and by working together, both retailers and suppliers can assist each other to buy better. We can all contribute to the success of our industry.

The makeup of the industry is changing. What is your company doing to adjust to the changing demographic of retailers and jewellers?

JC Jewels feel our clients need more choice and better pricing. We bring retailers a new process for buying diamonds and our tech delivers more choice with over 500 million dollars of mined and lab grown diamonds to choose from, empowering the jewellers to do the buying themselves, or buy customised diamonds for each different client’s needs.

JC Jewels does not buy to stock diamonds for us to increase our margins, rather we empower our clients with the ability to source the best goods, diamonds they, the jeweller, can maximise their profits on and close more sales. The new generation of jewellers enjoy access to our portal 24/7/365 from anywhere and the ability to share all the information such as image, video and certificates with their clients at their own margins for no charge, then secure the stone as JC Jewels manage all shipping expenses and logistics to get the diamond to their store.

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