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Industry Forum 2022: Independent Jewellers Collective – Josh Zarb, CEO

Pre-pandemic, pandemic and post-pandemic sales (we aren’t quite there just yet)

Industry Forum 2022: Jewellery Industry Network – Laura Moore, Managing Director

The highs and lows of 2021

Industry Forum 2022: Q Report – Rami Baron, CEO

The highs and lows of 2021

Industry Forum 2022: Palloys – Reza Bapooji, Business Development Manager

The highs and lows of 2021

Industry Forum 2022: JC Jewels – Craig Miller, CEO

The diamond wholesale industry is extremely traditional with little change. Prior to COVID-19, my company, JC Jewels, embarked on a…

Industry Forum 2022: Leading Edge Jewellery – Claire Packett, Head of Jewellery at Leading Edge Retail

Looking back over the past five years what differences in sales have your members experienced during pre-pandemic, pandemic and post…

Industry Forum 2022: Showcase Jewellers – Nicola Adams, COO & Jorge Joaquim, CFO

In what ways has Showcase been able to support its members through the challenges presented by the pandemic? We’ve distributed…

Industry Forum 2022 Jewellers Association of Australia – Karen Denaro, President

2021 was an opportunity to look at various means of connection. At a time when physical connection was near impossible,…