Bob Bell, Plumeria Design

by The Gem Monarchy

Plumeria Design is an Adelaide-based bespoke jewellery studio that specialises in designing a vast array of both simple and complex jewellery, utilising old-school techniques to bring their pieces to life. The man behind it all? Bob Bell. 

Plumeria; the scientific name for the Frangipani flower, which is the symbol of matrimony, is the namesake of the business. It represents the ability of jewellery to bring people together and symbolises the mutual love and respect that exists between people.

Bob found his passion for unique, handmade jewellery during his time as an apprentice. He would experiment with many different varieties of stones, materials, and styles of jewellery. Old-school methods of jewellery making captivated him and now he creates simple yet elegant designs by taking it back to the basics, creating timeless pieces for clients and loved ones. 

Plumeria Design utilises multiple jewellery making techniques in order to accentuate its elegant designs. Utilising smooth curves and geometric shapes, Bob ensures that the stone is the star of the show. 

Bob’s experience ranges from working on the Gold Coast to Adelaide. His passion for artwork, radiating from jewellery to tattoos, and the symbolism they provide, offer him a unique view and creative eye for designing jewellery for customers all across Australia. 

Ever since Bob was an apprentice, he dreamed of opening his own store. Now that his dream has become a reality, he plans to build up the business. Bob has many exciting plans for the future. His sights are set on continuing to develop his skills, chase innovative designs and opening up a second store. 

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