Celestial by design: White November

Written by The Gem Monarchy

Bianca Librandi

Melbourne-based brand White November crafts jewellery designed to transcend generations and be treasured forever.

Inspired by a love of astronomy, architecture and beauty, the brand’s first collection was called ‘Celestial Spheres’. Since then, the home-grown jewellery house has gone from strength to strength.

Regularly featuring contemporary and traditional jewellery designs with their own unique twist, Bianca Librandi’s White November explores the celestial and otherworldly qualities of jewellery and the gemstones associated with them.

Bianca’s passion for jewellery began as she explored courses during university, with one subject being an RMIT Elective course. She was excited by how the jewellery elective allowed her to create 3D designs that could fit in her hand. Bianca added jewellery study to her course-load and never looked back.

The jewellery of White November seeks to portray its own unique view into the world of contemporary jewellery. The brand says it uses sleek and seemingly simplistic designs to grasp the attention of their clients, but closer examination of the pieces reveals complex details that are breathtakingly beautiful.

“The pieces created for the collection category drive the brand’s unique design DNA in interesting new directions,” says Bianca.

One characteristic of White November’s collections that is important to the brand’s profile is the ethical acquisition of metal and stones.

“With our holistic approach to jewellery design, caring for the environment is a core element of the design process,” says the brand, noting that further sustainability is implemented through their zero wastage systems. “By breathing new life into once beloved pieces, metals can be melted down and transformed into a re-imagined design and a touching new meaning,” says Bianca.

In the creation of White November, Bianca has found an ethos to carry her through life. “Work through the challenges you face,” she says, “and you will be able to enjoy yourself while doing the things you love.”

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