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Keda Konsulting are brand agents for the Australasia and Asia jewellery markets. Managing watch and jewellery brands in the luxury space, they specialise in selling,…

Keda Konsulting are brand agents for the Australasia and Asia jewellery markets. Managing watch and jewellery brands in the luxury space, they specialise in selling, training, point of sale, designing boutiques, social media/marketing and local strategy advice. This month, JW spoke with Director and National Sales Manager Richard Morgan to discuss Keda and its role in the Australian and New Zealand luxury jewellery market.

Keda carefully decides what brands to represent. While Richards says there are certain criteria to be considered, a lot of it comes down to the emotional connection expected from the customer and the feeling that the product ignites in his team.

1/4 Morganne Bello, Keda client

“There is a relationship or connection which starts the conversation,” says Richard. “The relationships we have with our brands are close. As for the quality of the product, we ask to see it first. We make sure what we are representing matches the list price. This can come down to weight, finish, materials, feel and most importantly, if it’s the right fit for the marketplace. As much as a purchase is emotional to the customer, it must have the same passion from us.” 

Managing brands in Australasia and Asia, Richard says Keda’s strength comes from a solid understanding of both markets. 

“Asia is very brand driven and Australia (although sharing elements of this as consumers) is more attuned to reliability and quality. We are (as a country) quite lacking in some brands compared to a bigger, more established market like Asia, and this is where Keda comes in,” he explains. “We are always in touch with our global friends in similar industries and we know the brands Australia doesn’t have but should.”

In Australia, Keda carefully evaluates trends in the market along with specific qualities of each region that may affect the success of various brands. Even the climate of the region is considered.

“You won’t see a lot of watches on leather straps in high-humidity regions like Queensland or the Northern Territory, as they just perish. Therefore, bracelets are the way to go,” says Richard.

When asked about current trends, Richard is clear. “The higher-end watch market is going for smaller watches and diamonds are starting to really drive sales,” he says. “We’ve also noticed that branded jewellery is starting to make a comeback, especially with coloured precious stones.”

2/4 Duckworth Prestex, Keda client

In order to guarantee satisfaction for all stakeholders involved in the process, Keda’s business model is relationship and service driven.

“We strongly believe that this industry is built on trust and respect. Constant communication and acting on what you say immediately – there’s no other way to do it. We need to ensure we listen to our retailers and customer’s needs and under-promise and over-deliver,” says Richard. 

In creating a strong brand image in the luxury jewellery and watch space, Keda never stops working on awareness.

“Platforms of social media are changing all the time and it seems to be where the market is strongest for research. It is a constant battle to get the views on a reel or likes on a picture. But to know the public has seen it is massive. It’s the first step to confidence in selling. If you can tell a story in three seconds of a passer-by looking at your imagery… that’s the first step,” says Richard. 

“Our watch brands are now featured in the biggest watch journals like Time & Tide, Watchonista and Monochrome. And enquiries are always coming through to us. But you must pair this with support, training, merchandising and importantly, design and quality of product,” he adds. 

Richard’s experience in the retail sector has enabled a thorough understanding of the importance of visual merchandising with luxury products. Working with Tag Heuer in the early 2000s, he attributed his talents to good training but also nurturing a creative streak.

3/4 Vicenza, Keda client

Keda have recently signed some new brands they are excited to represent heading into the holiday season. Hearts on Fire and Memoire have been announced and Richard is keen for the future direction given the confidence he has for their products. 

“Memoire is important to us, as it is designed to help the jewellers’ in-store range,” Richard says. “They cover earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, studs and rings beautifully and have a very customer centric portal that the retailer can use with their client if needed. The ranges are made with consistency and the best jewellery manufacture methods.”

As a business, Keda is only a couple of years old however, their presence in the industry has already been established. Surviving through Covid has strengthened their resolve to deliver the best results and adapt quickly to the changing environment. 

“We’ve learned the hard way like everyone else – what to do when a curveball is thrown at you. In adversity comes opportunity, and we’ve had to constantly change our thinking and approach to suit the market. And it is a shared achievement with the industry,” says Richard. 

4/4 Richard Morgan

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