The next level—An interview with Jeremy Keight

Jeremy talks about his six years at the helm of the industry’s best loved jewellery magazine.

Jeremy Keight has been the director of Jewellery World Magazine for the last six years, after purchasing the magazine from founder, John Abolins. Jeremy has now taken the next steps to evolve Jewellery World Magazine (JW) further, by welcoming Laura Moore and the IGN team, onboard, as shareholders. Jeremy talks about his six years at the helm of the industry’s best loved jewellery magazine.

Jeremy began his career in the jewellery industry in the 1990s as a sales rep for a UK-based manufacturer. He served the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish markets and, within a few years, was promoted to sales and marketing director for the company. The journey through that role led him into the import and export fields as well as sourcing loose diamonds for new jewellery designs.

01 Jeremy Keight

“I was keen to combine both magazines together to serve the industry in the best possible way.”

In 2008, Jeremy relocated with his family to Australia, settling in Sydney’s south west. Jeremy started working for Euromounts as their sales agent covering the Australian east coast. Whilst looking into current trade magazines and talking to retailers, Jeremy had a desire to create his own magazine to provide the industry with a well-rounded publication that represented the industry as a whole. After serious discussions, help and advice from mentors in Rotary, Jewellers Trade Magazine was born in July 2009.

“I started Jewellers Trade magazine in our garage at home,” Jeremy said. “I remember my children used to help put the magazine into bags ready for the post. Looking back, it was an exciting time, for myself and the family, starting this new business venture. I remember a few people stating I must be crazy, that another magazine would not compete in the market. I didn’t look at the magazine as competition, I just wanted to provide a magazine that would serve the whole industry,”

Jeremy’s hard work paid off and Jewellers Trade became a success, so much so that in June 2015, when John Abolins and the Intermedia group decided to sell Jewellery World magazine, Jeremy was in a great position to take it over.

“I decided to keep the Jewellery World name because it had a great, reputable history and was the oldest magazine in the industry, established in 1981, founded by John Abolins” Jeremy said. “I was keen to combine both magazines together to serve the industry in the best possible way.”

At the time, Jewellery World was a bi-monthly publication and Jewellers Trade was issued monthly. “I knew, as a previous supplier in the industry, that things can change pretty fast. I felt it was important for Jewellery World to be a monthly publication” Jeremy said. “A regular publication gives room for current news and trends, as well as practical features like trade skills. I also believe it is important to give the industry a voice, so we run regular profiles of suppliers and retailers in the field. I have background knowledge and contacts in wholesale, retail, import, export, manufacturing and publications. I am passionate in my commitment to continue to help people connect with each other, promote business growth within the industry and support in any way I can.”

Jeremy says he’s proud of what the magazine has achieved over the years and how it helps the industry connect. Jewellery World’s ability to assist business growth and learn from a trusted source of information, always kept Jeremy’s passion alive to build the magazine. The relationships he has forged whilst putting the magazine together each month, will always be his most treasured part of the journey.

“I have gained numerous friends within the jewellery industry, which I value greatly. I enjoy travelling to the many jewellery shows around the world, and meeting new people. Most importantly learning how I may be able to help businesses by publishing information in regards to new trends and technology. It is rewarding, when I receive emails from readers stating how much they enjoy reading the magazine and how helpful the information has been to them,”

“In 2018 The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) named ‘Jewellery World’ as ‘the most trusted and respected magazine in the Australian Jewellery industry and I was very proud for the magazine to have received that accolade. In 2019, the HKTDC invited me to be a judge for their International Jewellery Design Excellence Awards and that was an honour,” Jeremy added. “When I reflect on everything, I’m proud every month the magazine goes to print following all the hard work of journalists, past and present, and the exceptional contributions and dedication of the editor, Jo Thompson. All of whom have contributed considerably in producing a great magazine to the industry every month, year after year,”

Jeremy has every confidence that JW will continue to expand and said “we are so thrilled about the re-brand and hope the readers and advertisers will like it too. These are truly exciting times, with Laura and her team bringing new innovative additions to JW magazine.”