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Starium’s remarkable evolution to a game-changing alloy

In a journey spanning over 19 and a half years, the jewellery industry braces itself for Starium, a revolutionary precious…

Ukrainian jewellers leave a lasting impression at GemGenève 2023

GemGenève 2023 has been a positive reminder, leaving a resounding declaration of the thriving global jewellery industry.

Patek Philippe timepiece set to shatter Australian auction records

Watch enthusiasts and collectors are gearing up for a historic event as First State Auctions prepares to present an extraordinary…

Rio Tinto appoints new chief operating officer to Diavik Diamond Mine

Rio Tinto has announced the appointment of Matthew Breen as the new chief operating officer of the Diavik Diamond Mine.

Lucy in the Sky – Jeweller in Focus

Located in Goulburn, New South Wales, Lucy in the Sky explores the diverse mix of contemporary and traditional beauty that…

Relive the Mastery of Sydney’s Jewellery Industry Fair

For those who attended the Jewellery Industry Fair in Sydney, it is time to relive the magic of the enthralling…

How to Sell Coloured Diamonds Successfully

Did you know the average price of all colours and sizes of fancy colour diamonds climbed by 3.9 percent in…

The World’s Most Stunning Coloured Diamonds

In the fascinating world of rare and vibrant gemstones, coloured diamonds emerge as nature’s captivating masterpieces.

A True Three-Tone Diamond Gold Tennis Bracelet

Once In a while you come across something like you have never seen before.

Top Tips to Maximise Your Sales this Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here, and with it comes a prime opportunity for businesses to boost their sales. Consumers…

Remembering Debbie Sheezel, a Pioneer in the Jewellery Industry

The jewellery industry mourns the loss of a true luminary, Debbie Sheezel, who passed away recently.

An Interview with Andrea Lucille Pooler at the Jewellery Industry Fair

Recently, at the Jewellery Industry Fair, Ashie Luke spoke to Andrea Lucille Pooler, the business management lead of Hill &…