Russian Tsars

Martin Foster reports on diamonds, emeralds and spectacular coloured gemstones that were the stars of the 5th Moscow World Fine…
Cut diamond on black background

Diamonds – the real thing?

New treatments are making it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between natural and treated diamonds.
Diamond jewellery featured on black background.

Diamonds – still a jeweller’s best friend?

Local wholesalers and retailers reveal what impact the 'slowing economy' is having on diamond sales.

Cutting Edge – Tolkowsky’s brilliant career

Gabi Tolkowsky, the world's most famous diamond cutter, reveals the secrets behind his success.

Miller launches Passion8 jewellery

Miller Diamonds launched its inaugural collection of Passion8 diamond-mounted jewellery at the JAA Jewellery Fair in Sydney.
Bride and Grooms hands, wearing wedding rings with bridal bouquet.

DIY wedding rings opens in Sydney

Romantic couples can now handcraft each other's wedding bands in Sydney under the guidance of an experienced jeweller.

Marks offers advice

Percy Marks owner Cameron Marks has joined forces with seven other “bridal experts” to provide up-to-the-minute wedding advice on the…

JAA issues diamond alert

The Jewellers Association of Australia has warned jewellery retailers and suppliers to keep away from inaccurately graded diamonds.