IDE advances Natural is real campaign

The Israel Diamond Exchangewill be advancing its 'Natural Is real' campaign during Israel Diamond Week in New York.

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) will be advancing its ‘Natural Is real’ campaign during Israel Diamond Week in New York next month.
The campaign, which was launched during last year’s Israel Diamond Week in New York, stresses the Israeli diamond industry and trade’s commitment to natural diamonds.

“The ‘Natural Is real’ campaign was received very well when we introduced it in New York last year but possibly has not trickled down through the diamond supply pipeline,” said Alon Grinker, the IDE board member who came up with the slogan and campaign.

“This year, in New York, we’ll be making a pitch for the diamond trade to adhere to full transparency, ie, disclosure of treatments and processes. And since synthetic diamonds can and will not be traded on the IDE trading floor, we’ll be advancing Israel under the ‘Natural Is real’ banner.”

IDE president Shmuel Schnitzer praised the ‘Natural Is real’ campaign, saying he was pleased with renewal of the promotional effort.

“Israel’s reputation as a manufacturing and trading centre of high-quality diamonds is well established world-wide, and with the current campaign we emphasise once more our commitment to the trading and selling of natural diamonds,” he said.

“It is an important message and a good time to send it to the downstream market.”

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