Rio Tinto reaps O-effect

Rio Tinto has garnered an 'avalanche of interest' in sales enquires and website visits since the finale of Oprah Winfrey's Ultimate Australian Adventure was aired…
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Rio Tinto has garnered an “avalanche of interest” in sales enquires and website visits since the finale of Oprah Winfrey’s Ultimate Australian Adventure was aired in the US and Australia this week.
The company’s Argyle diamonds were showcased during the finale show with each member of the 6000 strong audience receiving a limited edition Australian Colours ‘O’ necklace featuring seven Argyle diamonds, including a pink diamond, set in white gold.

Rio Tinto communications manager Robyn Ellison said there has been an “overwhelming positive reaction” to the Oprah special
“A huge and unprecedented amount of coverage has been generated,” she said.
“It has provided us with a fantastic marketing opportunity for the iconic coloured diamonds from Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine.”
“The Oprah Effect is all about global reach. Celebrity endorsement and mainstream media coverage is particularly important to the growth in consumer awareness of coloured diamonds.
“Who could forget the attention surrounding the 6 ct pink diamond in the engagement ring given to actress Jennifer Lopez by then fiance, Ben Affleck? As coloured diamond jewellery is worn on the red carpet and displayed via other high profile media events we see them very quickly become hot accessories.”
Rio Tinto’s general manager for sales and marketing, Jean-Marc Lieberherr added that the company was delighted to take part in the 25th season of the Oprah Winfrey Show, which coincides with 25 years of diamond production from the Argyle mine.

“The Australian Colours necklace is a special piece of jewellery that reflects a special moment in time and we are thrilled that Oprah’s guests at the finale show have this momento.”