Peter W Beck undergoes makeover

After more than 30 years in the Australian jewellery industry, Peter W Beck is undergoing a major makeover - starting with a logo change
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 After more than 30 years in the Australian jewellery industry, Peter W Beck is undergoing a major makeover – starting with a logo change.

The new logo, featuring two stylised ring bands unified by the company name, is designed to “symbolise the synergy” between the company’s two core businesses (Peter W Beck Precious Metal Services and Peter W Beck Retail) as well as the relationship between the company and the jewellery industry as a whole.
Peter W Beck (a refiner, manufacturer and distributor of over 3000 wedding rings, jewellery and other precious metal products) was established in Adelaide in 1976 and has since expanded with offices in Brisbane and Perth.
Marketing manager Rachel Hehir said the company’s decision to rebrand was based “on a need to have one common platform from which to present the company”.
“We have always been a company that has invested heavily in new technologies and materials,” she explained.
“We have always been ahead of the game with respect to service and marketing so when we reviewed the five year plan it seemed evident that we needed to present ourselves in a way that better reflected the company we’ve become.”
Hehir said the rebranding was a major inititative for the company which had maintained its original logo and “look” since 1976.
“Peter W Beck has launched sub-brands over the years but it has never deviated before from the classic rounded design that has been in the market for over 30 years,” she said.
“This is why we have taken over a year to bring it (the new logo) to market.
“Essentially, the logo and the new hallmark derived from it graphically convey who we are, what we do and how we do it.”
Hehir said that although the Peter W Beck hallmark had evolved visually, its message was untouched – “it is a complete guarantee of quality for the customer and the entire Industry”.
“This maker’s mark indelibly assures a product of industry leading and world class quality.”
The new logo will be rolled out on the company’s stationery and marketing materials this month (March) and the hallmark will gradually roll out onto the company’s products in coming months.
“Our new look and feel is the first in a line of innovations we are bringing to the market over this next year,” said Hehir.