Pandora reveals Essence

After extensive global research to discover 'what women want', Pandora has launched its latest jewellery collection, Essence.

After extensive global research to discover “what women want”, Pandora has launched its latest jewellery collection, Essence.

The collection, which landed in the company’s Australian concept stores this week, features a slender sterling silver bracelet and 24 charms (which are not interchangeable with other Pandora pieces) to represent “unique value-driven sentiments”.

According to Pandora’s chief creative officer, Stephen Fairchild, the collection taps into womens’ desire for personal expression and emotional connection.

He said the company’s research identified four key trends for women today:

• Empowerment – People’s lives are far more turbulent, uncertain, overloaded and fast-paced than ever before, but women are more empowered, educated, imaginative and enabled to make choices in their lives.

 • Belonging – Women are looking to be fulfilled, fuelled and nurtured by a greater connection to themselves and the world surrounding them.

• Harmony and Commitment – Women are seeking deeper meanings and resonating with the idea of values to define themselves, and in turn, show the world who they really are.

“The Essence collection was born on the back of this research,” he said.

Some of the charms in the collection are made from gemstones or ‘crystals’ that are said to have intrinsic healing properties relevant to the values with which they have been matched (for example a faceted lapis lazuli represents ‘Peace’) while others have been designed to
represent the values they match (for example, the ‘Wellness’ charm features a chakra mandala pattern).

Fairchild said the Essence collection is expected to “truly resonate with the urban female consumer aged between 18 and 35”.

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