Palloys points: Jewellery design in the digital age – Precision and finesse with the Palloys Design Team

CAD has been a large part of the jewellery industry since the turn of the century and is continuing to revolutionise the design process. PALLOYS…

CAD has been a large part of the jewellery industry since the turn of the century and is continuing to revolutionise the design process.

Chris Botha,
Operations Manager, Jewellery Division

CAD technology has enabled jewellers to create the most complex designs with the most accurate precision, quicker and more affordably than ever before. Many of these designs would have been impossible to achieve by hand. CAD combined with CAM technology has allowed these designs to not only come to life, but it has allowed the jeweller greater control of their own designs and more adaptation.

The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to jewellery design and CAD but the importance of achieving precision in the CAD file is still largely misunderstood, and the complexities involved are significant.

You can work directly with the industry’s most experienced design team to create your custom jewellery designs at Palloys to ensure your CAD designs are accurate every time.

Our designers specialise in getting the best quality results from our 3D printing and casting services for our clients. The team will optimise your CAD files to minimise the occurrences of breakaway and porosity, cutting down your casting turnaround times and improving quality.

The Palloys Design team is supported by unmatched printing capacity, producing the industry’s highest resolution in both wax and resin, which means less time spent cleaning up at the bench and less gold and silver ending up in the sweeps! We can educate you on the best practices to create the most reliable CAD designs, including where to sprue, ideal prong heights and widths and the recommended depths for engraving.

Our highly skilled Design & Print team is proficient in all major CAD applications, and we can work with your files created in MatrixGold, RhinoGold, 3Design and JewelCAD. We can work from a pdf, sketch, photo or logo for the most streamlined, efficient CAD service. All correspondence is stored in your private My Palloys account, and you can speak directly with the Palloys Design team at any time through this platform.

Be confident in what to quote your customers by using to provide you with an accurate cost.

You can upload straight into the Palloys STL uploader for immediate pricing information straight from your CAD Design. An STL is the file format supported by most major CAD programmes. It is the universal CAD file industry-wide.

The Palloys Design team can also create renders of your designs as a sales feature for your customers. Bringing a life-like element to the design is an imminent part of the selling process. Rendering in the modern age is of such a quality, it could almost pass as life-like.

On, you can review accurate estimates for your printing, casting, fabricated metals, findings, diamonds and our finishing services, including polishing, plating, setting and laser engraving at the most competitive prices.