Obama watch for sale

US president Barak Obama has created unprecedented worldwide demand for little known watch brand Jorg Gray.
US president Barack Obama has created unprecedented worldwide demand for little known watch brand Jorg Gray.
Obama, who previously sported a Tag Heur, has worn a Jorg Gray 6500 chronograph on numerous historical occasions since receiving it as a 46th birthday present from his Secret Service team in August 2007.
The 41mm stainless steel chronograph, which Obama wore on US presidential election night and inauguration day, features a 12-hour dial with 24-hour indicator, seconds indicator and stop-watch sub-dials.
Water resistant to 100 metres, the timepiece is fitted with a Miyota Caliber OS-20 movement manufactured by Citizen.
Although the chronograph retails for only around US$300 most consumers cannot buy the exact same model as Obama which has a Secret Service seal at the top and can thus only be purchased by Secret Service employees.
However the chronograph, sans Secret Service seal, is being offered for sale on Presidential Watches, www.barackswatch.com, which is having great success with its limited edition version of the Jorg Gray 6500 (inscribed with ‘Time for Change – 1.20.09” on its case back) to commemorate Obama’s inauguration.
According to the company, the watch is the “same brand, model, and construction as President Obama’s”.
“We are the only web company to work with Jorg Gray and are helping to prevent any counterfeit or unauthorised web dealers that might arise.
“The only difference between the watch on President Barack Obama’s wrist and the one sold here is his has a Secret Service logo on it while watches sold here have no logo under the 12 o’clock area,” the company said.
“The watch is shipped with an attractive black buffalo leather strap with crocodile embossing and white contrast stitching that is identical to the timepiece worn by President Obama.”