Miss Earth joins Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant has signed Miss Earth, Nicole Faria, as global brand ambassador.
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Frédérique Constant has signed Miss Earth, Nicole Faria, as global brand ambassador.
Announcing the partnership in Mumbai, Frédérique Constant international sales manager Sebastien Cretegny said it was the first time that the company “has associated with a beauty pageant icon anywhere in the world”.
“When we met Miss Earth Nicole Faria, we felt that there was a sharing of passion, especially when she spoke about her conservation projects,” he said.
“(She) is very passionate about earth-related social causes such as global warming, environment hazards, pollution, etc,” he said, adding that most of the company’s target customers “are involved with such causes and initiatives”.
Nicole Faria (who won the Miss India crown in 2010) is passionate about modelling and “improving the world”.
“I strongly believe that this earth is a legacy that we need to pass on to future generations and the time to act is now,” she said.
“Similarly Frédérique Constant is a brand that one would like to pass on to Gen-Next as a legacy. From the fashionista point of view, its classical styles are exactly what the Indian customer requires today.”
Cretegny presented Faria with a special Chocolate Double Heart Beat watch to commemorate the start of her brand ambassadorship.