Celebrating Australian designers

The Jewellery Industry Network - Established to represent all aspects of the jewellery industry, the Jewellery Industry Network has now released a range of merchandise…

The range of merch comes after the JIN team saw so many creative expressions in its network of jewellers and wanted to give them an outlet to showcase other sides of their creativity.

The Celebrating Australian Designers series kicks off with Michael Mooney from Serpent Cove, one of Australia’s most dynamic jewellery designers, creating pieces that link to stories of adventure and mystery. His designs are bold, original and striking with intricate details to relay the characters and scenes of the stories they represent.

Mooney’s artwork for Jewellers Co. is based on a bench jewellers life.

“We often get into such a flurry or making and twisting metals that we get lost, only to finish for the day and come back to the bench and wonder, Who made all this mess? Was it me? Surely it must have been those gremlins, crawling out onto the bench and using our saw frames for bows, and burrs for arrows,” joked Mooney.

The artwork has been created around two artistic interpretations of the Jewellers Co. logo. The larger logo works around the gremlins and tools, and the second one has been used as a standalone logo which JIN has used on the front of caps and T-shirts.

Mooney was part of the 2021 online Bench Jewellers Championships which was run by JIN as part of the Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair. Mooney took home the championship title with his moving crab pendant.

The Celebrating Australian Designers series will continually add new artworks from different designers, giving the industry and the public and insight into a different side of the creative expression of an Australian jeweller.

Merchandise can be purchased through the Jewellery Industry Network portal.