Jewellery Industry Fair – It’s time to build!

The Jewellery Industry Fair is only a few months away, and the industry can’t wait for its first dedicated jewellery event for the season! -…

Now in February 2022, the Jewellery Industry Fair is the fourth event run by the Jewellery Industry Network with the most recent one being the Jewellery Industry Summit in July. The Fair in Melbourne will give jewellers and retailers from all over Australia a chance to find new ranges, meet new suppliers and see exhibitors who have some of the countries most incredible pieces of fine jewellery.

The Fair sees a host of fine jewellery suppliers and some of the country’s leading natural and lab grown diamond suppliers attending the Fair this Summer.

Showcase Jewellers is also set to welcome its members and guests to its Members Area inside the Fair with a special lounge.

Many of the Jewellery Industry Fair exhibitors have not been seen at a trade fair in many years, or in fact are new to the industry and launching their brand to jewellers for the first time at the JIF 2022.

Also attending the Fair are four of the industry’s associations — the GAA, NCJV, JAA and Goldsmith Guild all exhibiting to support their members.

The Jewellery Industry Network will be injecting unique elements to the Fair for guests to really immerse themselves in the industry and the manufacturing process. Guests can expect to find out more about education for jewellers, learn about sustainable business practises, and can find out more about the process of jewellery manufacturing.

Celebrations will really kick off on Sunday the 6th of February at the Crown Casino at the end of the first day of the Fair, with the JAA Jewellery Design Awards and winners announced at a beautiful soiree sponsored by Your Diamonds and Showcase Jewellers. Tickets are available to purchase via the JAA website.

With new fresh exhibitors, trusted and known brands and suppliers, and luxurious experiences all at an inner city Melbourne Oasis, the Jewellery Industry Fair is the perfect way to start 2022.

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