JAA Melbourne Jewellery Fair joins forces with Reed Gift Fair

The JAA Melbourne Jewellery Fair will be staged with the Reed Gift Fair in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from February next year.
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The JAA Melbourne Jewellery Fair will be staged with the Reed Gift Fair in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from February next year.

Under the new three-year agreement between Reed and JAA Jewellery Fair organiser Expertise Events, both fairs will be housed in the Centre but each will have its own separate hall space.
Each fair will also continue to manage separate registration programs although their respective badges will enable visitors to gain entry to both events without the need to re-register.
Announcing the decision to house both fairs in the Centre, Expertise Events managing director Gary Fitz-Roy (pictured above) said the move was “a win-win for time poor retailers and busy exhibitors”.
“The co-location of these cornerstone events creates the ultimate trade marketplace for the Australian retail industry.”
He said the jewellery fair was run primarily for the benefit of retailers and many retailers, particularly those in country/regional areas, could not afford two separate trips to visit the gift fair and jewellery fair so it was ideal that the two fairs could be held at the same time.
He added that the decision to allow Reed Gifts’ retailers into the jewellery fair should be welcomed by wholesalers who are currently crying poor and are looking for potential new customers.
“The jewellery industry has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Most wholesalers no longer have a minimum order level and are happy to sell two or three pieces rather than a whole range to retailers and many gift retailers will be happy to buy jewellery.”
Fitz-Roy also revealed that Reed and Expertise Events were planning to run their Brisbane gift and jewellery fairs in the same location from next year but stressed that the JAA International Jewellery Fair in Sydney would remain a stand-alone event.
Meanwhile, Reed Gift Fairs exhibition director Stephen Steenson said the decision to “co-locate” the fairs was in keeping with a push to offer both buyers and wholesalers even more from their events.
“The JAA Melbourne Jewellery Fair is a great event and has quite a different offering from our own jewellery exhibitors,” said Steenson.
“We believe that staging the two events under one roof can only add value to all Victorian retailers.”