Introducing Nivoda’s Series A funding – $11 million USD raised with Headline as lead investor

Nivoda, the leading B2B marketplace for diamonds and jewellery, has successfully secured $11 million in Series A funding, with Headline taking the lead. This substantial…

Nivoda, the leading B2B marketplace for diamonds and jewellery, has successfully secured $11 million in Series A funding, with Headline taking the lead. This substantial investment, combined with the recent addition of James Morgan as chief product officer, formerly from Amazon Prime Europe, positions Nivoda to enhance the customer experience for jewellery retailers, consumers, and suppliers worldwide. The company’s strategic plan involves expanding its platform by introducing new offerings such as coloured gems, faster delivery options, and innovative payment and credit solutions.

Since its establishment in 2019, Nivoda’s marketplace has experienced significant growth, now boasting over 1.6 million natural, lab-grown, and melee stones, with a total value of $4.1 billion USD. Thousands of jewellery retailers globally rely on Nivoda to access these resources. Nivoda remains dedicated to building a trusted global marketplace for the jewellery industry, relentlessly prioritising customer experience and simplifying international trade processes.

Nivoda now joins Headline’s prestigious portfolio of industry disruptors, including notable names such as Acorns, Bumble, Gopuff, Sonos, and The RealReal. David Sutton, co-founder and chief executive officer of Nivoda, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the shared vision and understanding displayed by Taylor and Mathias from Headline. Their investment has already facilitated overcoming obstacles and accelerating Nivoda’s growth in various aspects of the company. Nivoda’s Series A funding also enjoys support from prominent venture capital firms in the US and the UK, including Abstract Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Operator Partners, and RiverPark Ventures.

Through Nivoda’s online platform, jewellery suppliers and retailers worldwide can easily connect and trade with a simple click. The company’s global logistics network ensures efficient fulfilment, rigorous quality control, and on-the-ground support for both buyers and sellers. Nivoda offers a range of proprietary tools specifically tailored for the industry, including dedicated sales tools for showrooms, APIs for seamless stock integration into eCommerce platforms, and a Shopify plugin.

Headline expresses great excitement in their investment in Nivoda, recognising the company’s leadership in helping retailers source both natural and lab-grown diamonds. “Headline is extremely excited to invest in Nivoda. They have already proven to be an industry leader in helping retailers source both natural and lab-grown diamonds and have a great opportunity to continue to make retailers’ lives easier by serving other categories in the jewellery industry over time. We deeply believe that the buying experience for businesses should be as seamless as that for consumers- and Nivoda is providing that magical experience for jewellery retailers around the globe,” says Taylor Brandt, an investor at Headline.

Leveraging their extensive industry expertise and deep customer understanding, Nivoda’s comprehensive marketplace empowers jewellery businesses of all sizes, regardless of location, to efficiently source, procure, and sell diamonds in a profitable and hassle-free manner. Over the past three years, Nivoda has established itself as a globally recognised platform synonymous with innovation, exceptional customer service, and a seamless and reliable experience. With offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Melbourne, Nivoda has achieved a truly global presence.

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