Georgini shines at Sydney’s Fashion Week

Sydney's vibrant fashion scene received a dazzling addition as renowned Australian jewellery brand Georgini took centre stage at the highly coveted Hyde Hacienda, located inside…

Sydney’s vibrant fashion scene received a dazzling addition as renowned Australian jewellery brand Georgini took centre stage at the highly coveted Hyde Hacienda, located inside the Pullman Grand at Circular Quay. The event, held in celebration of Fashion Week, showcased an exquisite range of the brand’s latest pieces, including the captivating new Oceans collection. Against Sydney’s iconic harbour backdrop, Georgini wowed tastemakers and fashion enthusiasts with a fusion of heritage and avant-garde designs, cementing its status as an iconic Australian brand.

The atmosphere at Hyde Hacienda was electric as guests were treated to a lavish affair, complete with champagne and delectable canapés. The venue’s stunning views, overlooking the breathtaking harbour, perfectly complemented Georgini’s ethos of creating beautiful jewellery that mirrors the allure of its surroundings. From established celebrities to rising stars, the event welcomed a diverse array of attendees who were eager to witness the unveiling of Georgini’s latest creations.

Among the notable guests were Selina Chhaur from Married at First Sight (MAFS), Love Island winners Austen Bugeja and Claudia Austen, along with fellow Love Island alumni Courtney Stubbs, Maddie Gillbanks, Stella Hutcheon, and Vakoo. The glamour continued with the presence of Emily Weir from Home & Away, Sarah Marschke from Survivor, Cassandra Wood from The Bachelor, and Gabbie Keevill from Big Brother. Accompanied by models Arvin Jay, Daia Larie, and Reagan Buckley, the fashion industry’s creative force was well represented by stylists Jordan Kay and Nicole Adolphe, while model, stylist, and LGBT activist Jamie Azzopardi expertly hosted the event.

Georgini’s Fashion Week showcase highlighted their remarkable jewellery pieces and emphasised the brand’s deep connection to the essence of Australia. The juxtaposition of heritage and avant-garde designs showcased Georgini’s ability to cater to diverse fashion tastes while maintaining a distinct Australian identity. The Oceans range, in particular, captured the imagination with its captivating designs inspired by the sea, evoking a sense of elegance and serenity.

As guests mingled and admired the jewellery on display, it became evident that Georgini had once again captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts with their unique and exquisite designs. By choosing Hyde Hacienda as the venue, the brand cleverly harnessed the captivating charm of Sydney’s harbour, elevating the entire experience to new heights.

Georgini’s Fashion Week celebration was an affair to remember, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating the brand’s future endeavours. With its continued commitment to crafting timeless and awe-inspiring jewellery, Georgini has solidified its position as a leader in the Australian fashion landscape. As the event ended, it was evident that the brand’s legacy of elegance and innovation would endure, resonating with fashion enthusiasts across the nation and beyond.

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