Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels on tour

Elizabeth's Taylor's prized jewellery collection will go 'on a global tour' for three months before being auctioned by Christie's in December.
Elizabeth’s Taylor’s prized jewellery collection will go “on a global tour” for three months before being auctioned by Christie’s in December.
The tour of “highlights” from Elizabeth’s collection of jewellery, fashion, accessories, decorative arts and memorabilia, will begin in September and include stops in Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong.
It will culminate in New York in early December with a ten-day exhibition followed by four consecutive days of auctions (December 13-16) in Christie’s New York’ Rockefeller Center gallery space
Announcing the tour, Marc Porter, chairman and president of Christie’s Americas, said “Christie’s is honored to have been entrusted with this important role in celebrating the extraordinary life and legacy of Elizabeth Taylor”.
“The global tour and exhibition of her collection at Christie’s will be a window into the world of a true icon, a rare woman who was at once an international film and fashion star, loving mother, successful businesswoman, and generous humanitarian.
“This collection of her many cherished possessions will bring us closer to the essence of Elizabeth Taylor’s unique spirit, and promises to inspire admiration, delight, and at times, sheer wonder, in all who come to see it.”
He added that “a portion of the monies” generated by exhibition admissions, events and publications related to the sales will be donated to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF).