Adcock returns to jewellery industry

Karin Adcock, the former president of Pandora Jewellery in Australia, launched three Danish jewellery brands at the JAA International Jewellery Fair in Sydney last week.
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Karin Adcock, the former president of Pandora in Australia, launched three Danish jewellery brands at the JAA International Jewellery Fair in Sydney last week.

Adcock, now the owner of House of Brands KH which she founded in May, launched Julie Sandlau, byBiehl and X by Trollbeads at the Fair.

Adcock said the new company, which also distributes Viola Sky lingerie, Fleye eyewear and Yeti outerwear, had an “excellent” response from visitors at the Fair.

“We had a lot of interest in the new brands we are working with,” she said, “and it was so nice to see many retailers who I have worked with over the years”.

“They were curious to see what we are doing and many were excited to see us back in the industry so we can start working together again.”

She said that launching the brands at the Fair was significantly easier than her initial attempts to introduce Pandora to the local jewellery market.

“As in any business, relationship building is paramount to success,” she said.

“As we know many retailers in the marketplace we could get straight to discussing the brands we are selling and each brand’s fit with individual stores.

“Additionally, we have certain credibility in the market which many retailers appreciate.

“When we launched Pandora, no-one knew us and we had to start from the very beginning.

“This time around the retailers at least know that we are committed to making a serious difference to the stores we work with and that we have high standards to ensure we give excellent customer service.”

Adcock is planning to extensively promote all three jewellery brands in the next 12 months.

She said Julie Sandlua is “a well-known brand overseas with a strong celebrity following”, byBiehl is “an elegant, understated collection of jewellery” and X by Trollbeads is a completely new concept which will appeal to both men and women.

“I have no doubt the media will be excited about Julie Sandlau as it has a unique design identity,” she said.

“Once we start becoming better known in the marketplace, we are sure to have a strong following.

“byBiehl is a young brand and we look forward to cementing a strong distribution across Australian and New Zealand through the careful selection of retailers.”

X by Trollbeads will be officially launched in Copenhagen on September 17 but, according toAdcock, has already had an “amazing response from the select few (Australian retailers) who have seen the concept.

“We will carefully appoint retailers across Australia and New Zealand who want to be part of this exciting new chapter with X by Trollbeads,” she said.

“We will fully utilise social media, work with traditional media and we will work closely with stores to engage their customers with the brand.”